My main asthma trigger is changes in weather. At the moment the weather will not make its mind up what it wants to do?! I really wish it would as i am getting triggered almost every other day at the moment and it is very draining.

The main times i am triggered is Sept when it goes suddenly colder and Feb when it goes warmer.

Anyone elses main trigger changes in weather?


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  • hi Plumie. Weather gets me every

  • same here its silly

  • hi plumie -yep the weather is one of the constant factors for deciding my asthma health. maybe if i could live at the sea side in a constant state of springtime it would be lovely and i would be well x

  • Its so unfair this reaction to the weather. I am suffering in terms of excessive needs to sleep but can't. So estless. Now I got a cold and its horrible. Signs of an infection but hoping its not. Too much coughing to venture out.


  • Yes the weather gets me too

  • the weather is as unpredictable as my asthma. think i could start a new career as a barometer as i wobble with every change in the weather! today has been intetesting. big rain followed by crazy hot and then a gd bit of ckoudy humidity""! nebulizer has had a very busy day! chell.xx

  • Changes in weather always get me. The humid weather and thunderstorm the last couple of days have got the lungs twitching.


  • yes, thunder is a big trigger as is very hot or very cold weather. I am struggling a lot today.

  • Hot to cold weather doesn't bother me. The rain/dry conditions have caused me problems recently, especially this weekend. I think it either moves more pollen in the air or encourages its production.

    I suspect its not possible to irradicate pollen from the planet. Am thinking of moving to the North Pole! Wonder if tescos'll deliver there?

  • defo, changes hot - cold, or extreme temps grrr...


  • Can today's weather settle, please, breeze or sunshine, the asthma does not like it.


  • TS have checked tesco website unfortuantley north pole just outside of delivery zones at the present time. Try occado though! ;) I was told once to move to a warm/hot dry climate not sure that the desert round Las Vegas is that appealing - don't doctors watch CSI

  • Right there with you guys!

    Extremes of weather get me particularly coming inside from the cold in the winter. Over the weekend it's been humid and thundery - um that got me too. I live on the Isle of Wight by the sea so you would think it would help but it doesn't.


  • Definitely something in the air. Coughing big style these days. Fairly rocketing through the salbutamol.

  • damp weather has returned! Grr! I have a pair of tired lungs that want a rest but can someone please tell the weather man to stop the weather changing?!

  • Yeah, the change in the weather does my lungs in too! Damp weather is a nightmare! When I win the lotto ill go somewhere sunny, but until then its Budesonide and Ventolin to the rescue.......!!

  • Humid weather and a stuffy room have really been getting to me recently. Cold air always makes me cough loads as well. Think it's more hayfever related at the moment though.

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