Cold frosty sunny mornings

I find that my asthma is really well behaved on a frosty cold sunny morning, when there is dew on the ground or a light covering of frost. I can go out for a walk or a drive and have no breathing troubles apart from the normal breathlessness of the exercise. Is anyone elses asthma like this?

How ever if i was to go out on a rainy wet day or a windy day i would be cough cough cough and needing reliver within a few seconds of just opening the front door or even a window. Any one any ideas why or what the trigger could be?

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  • Must admit,that happens to me as well-and dont get me started on ""humid"" weather-last time I got sent home from work was a humid,foggy morning and even after 2 Seretide blasts and about 6 or7 Ventolin ""doses"" I still felt like I was breathing through a sewer-not plesant at all!!-maybe the NHS could transport us all to dry,sunny climes!!

  • I find im the opposite, if its cold and frosty I cannot set foot outside the door as it brings on my asthma, I can even tell if it is like that outside before I have even looked by the way my chest feels!

    guess it would be boring if we were all the same lol

    Take care


  • I'm like snowy. I have to take my inhaler 10 mins before I go outside & then I still might wheeze!

  • Hey thanks for your replys it is really interesting how different weathers affect different peoples asthma.


  • I must be one of the unlucky ones....doesnt matter what kind of weather we get up here..asthma can be affected by wind, rain, heat, or cold!! but I also take a couple of puffs of my inhaler before I set out

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