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I have to take a break

I need some advice....I have been advised to take a 6-8 week break from everything!!

If I take the break I will get kicked out of college and miss out on a lot of oppurtunities. I have 5 shows planned for before easter as well as teaching dance and drama. I'm going to lose a lot if I take it.

But if I don't I'm not going to recover I'm going continue being really ill.

I don't want to risk losing everything but I'm stuck for options!

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I sympathise with you. I have recently suffered with ill health and because of this had to make the hard decision to leave my part time job as a hairdresser. My body was telling me i needed to stop and rest, that it could not take any more.

I'm sure college would understand and surely a letter from your GP would help with this.

Nothing is as important as your health. Give yourself that few weeks and it may make all the difference.

Do hope this helps.


When I had to miss a lot of college this time last year as I had a lung infection from Christmas to early March I was kicked off my course. I had kind of thought that there should have been some protection available when you have a condition like asthma. The doc asked if I could get things sent to me, but the college refused saying if I was ill, I was ill. I was caught in the middle and my body wasn't up to fighting the college. My college was an hours drive each way so there was no way I had the energy to go.

I hope things work out ok for you but in the end I would say to listen to your body.


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