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Asthmas ruining everything!!!

I can't take this anymore!!! Asthma's ruining my life....I've lost everything

because of it.

I went to school in a different town to where I live and I haven't seen my friends

since the day I left as I haven't had the energy to get over there and none

of them either bother to keep intouch with me anymore. Then I'm struggling

so much with college...people probably wonder why on earth i decided to go

there and now I'm not even allowed to do a whole show. Dance is my everything

it's my light in the dark and if it gets taken away from me I don't know

what I'll do-it's what I live for!!

And now I've just lost my boyfriend because I've been too ill to get to see him

just recently.

I know some of you are worried about losing your houses etc. and it probably

seems really petty to you it's just everything there was to my life has

gone and I can't even be a normal teenager.

Does anyone have any advice on how to sort out this mess?

sorry i just needed to let it out

claire x

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Sorry to hear you've been struggling but if your friends and boyfriend won't come and see you instead given you're so ill you're probably better off finding new ones. It's a good thing you dance I think it's cardiovascular so least your hearts in good nick even if you're lungs don't want to play and hopefully you will get things controlled enough to dance again properly, dont do too much too soon i guess.

I've never been affected so directly myself but I am a carer and decision maker for my disabled sister so I do like have to make sure I never drink loads because I've got to be clear to drive and able to drop everything and make decisions all the time (within reason) I sometimes do go out and make a night of it but I need to tell my parents that so they know not to drink so they can do it instead. She can't make them for herself so in the respect of not having a normal teen life I kind of know what it's like in a roundabout way but guess I can't change it so gotta get on with it.


Hang in there, sometimes in life everything goes pear shaped either because of asthma or other things. In my limited experience of having asthma you get good times and bad times, and during the bad periods you get really down and frustrated.

Keep going and I hope stuff in the New Year gets better for you.


Asthma tends to get better with age not worse. You are a teenager and your body is changing so I am sure it will settle down. Hang in there.


Hi there i know how you feel i had to give up my martial arts and dancing and stuff but what i found is when i find my breathing getting away from me blow up balloons but not until your out of breath and this helps regulate your breathing also be very open about your asthma and ive lost friends also asthma and it hurts and gets you annoyed which will play havick with your asthma why not try taking rescume remedy in times of need this calms you down with out giving downers and you can get it from boots herbal shops any where really and also why dont you try swimming and yoga these strengthen your lungs and help increase the capactiy of them.

Why dont you invite your friends to the cinema and let them make an effort and explan that your having a bad patch of asthma and you would be grateful for the company. Try the social networking sites also like my space bebo thats how i keep in touch also with my friends. Teenage years are hard enough without getting down with asthma. why not try writing your boyfriend a letter explaining and asking for his support ive learnt its ok to ask for help seriously i would be lost without my friends and once i explained they were supportive and when they mature they will understand more also i hope i dont sound condasending. x Let me know how you get on and Happy new year x


Hello Vee!

Welcome to asthma UK message boards.

Could I just put in a little warning about balloons! Please do not try this especially if you are having an attack! It is not recomended!!! Sorry! You may have the idea sussed but it could be very dangerous for others to try this.

Thouh, your ideas about social networking seem a goo idea to get in contact with friends from school. The AUK boards are very good for making new friends and getting help with asthma but seeing your friends or communicating with them is also very important to maintain some normality in your life!

Claire - sending hugggs and hope there is some good advice here that you can try!



Sorry to hear about your luck at the moment but things will change, my Asthma was the worst when I was in college but it has changed since, although there are times when it gets me down, I still get out and about. Its all about adjusting your life accordingly.


Asthmas ruining everything

Hi Claire, I was so sad reading your letter but the first thing I must say is that you are well rid off that boyfriend he does'nt deserve you. Your friends may not be as uncaring as sometimes we fail to keep intouch with people who we love and think a lot of and people without asthma can find it very hard too understand the stuggle we go through each day. You sound like a lovely girl who treats people well and cannot understand why some people dont treat you as nicely. Do you have any family to talk to as we all need to vent our frustration or maybe there is an asthma club near to you where you can meet with people who understand how asthma is affecting you. Keep your chin up we are at the start of a new year anything could happen but if I was you I would go to the doctor and demand to be assesed by your hospitals asthma team unless you have been already. I had multiple hospital admissions within weeks of each other and nobody mentioned the severe asthma clinic until my mum told the nurse that I was going to end up in a box unless something was done this is your life and your right to ANY treatment available and if any paramedic ever tries to take you medicine off you again I would make a complaint as that would not of helped your stress levels.

Please try to thinks of the positive elements in your life try to cope with one problem at a time, Good luck I wish you all the best and a happy new year, and let someone else get stuck with that thoughtless boyfriend he really doesnt deserve you, suzy xxxxxxxxx


Just want to say im so sorry for what you are going through at the min but like others have said hang in there hun things can only get better sending the biggest hug your way take care and chin up xxxxxxx


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