DLA of asthma

Hi all

I have just got my sons DLA forms for his asthma, but i hsve heard that they dont really like award asthmatics is anyone reciveing this benifit or am i just waisting my time filling out this text books woth of questions. I have never seen a form so compleciated in my whole life, it easier to walk in to bank and get a loan. lol



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  • Hi im asthmatic and get DLA and i got it first time i applied just remember when filling in the form that its the worst day out for both you and your children with regards to their asthma. Also gingerbread for parents and citizen advice can help free of charge with the forms very complicated.

    My dad help me with mine as he is also very disabled and been through it all before good luck :)

  • DLA of asthma

    Hi I receive DLA also and was awarded first time as well as Vee says remember to fill it out as his worst days I have just had my 2nd form through the post and have started to fill it in but it is horrendous.

    Best of luck


  • Filling in the forms are very hard work and can be quite emotional as you really need to focus on the worst days which are most likely those u dont want to remember!! Do you have a resp nurse or con who is going to support your application or a v good GP?

    Unless your son is severe or has other problems too, to be honest i think the chance of getting it are unlikely but there is no harm in trying.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • I didnt get dla until my 5th attempt they only went with what I was saying and I made the mistake of writing when I had good days and bad days. I then got told not to put any good days and requested a DR from the DLA to come out and see me He told me he couldnt beleive I was ever refused it I have been getting higher rate mobility for just over a year and been put on it forever. Dont forget if you get higher rate you are intitled to a tax disc all paid for and a bus pass hope that helps xx

  • I get DLA for asthma, although the form did throw me quite a bit, but i asked to go for a medical and as soon as the doctor saw me they gave it too me indefinate. It is certainly worth trying for it. Just be honest with them on the form and if you get a medical in the medical and they will give you what they think you need is my advice.


  • Hi clare, I also get DLA, on first time too. Go with everthing everyone's said and as Vee said, CAB are brilliant. What I did is make an appointment (with forms lke that you have to make an appointment instead of just walking in) with the person who dealt with official forms and she actually filled all the forms in for me and I signed them at the end. The CAB people are used to this sort of thing and know how to answer the questions not like us mere mortals who get ourselves into a lather LOL. What also helps is if you write out on a separate sheet, your thoughts, and feelings on your sons worst days and how you both struggle to cope on a day to day basis. Because as we all know this is a horrible and difficult disease to live with and basically just be honest with them. Good luck XX

  • Get in touch with DIAL UK (there are various offices across the country, they help people with disabilities to obtain work, benefits etc). These people understand how to fill these dreaded forms in, and many moons ago helped myself. Their contact numbers are available on the Internet.

    Good Luck

  • thanks everyone for your tips on the DLA forms i have now completed them and sent them off, so i shall let you know what happens. Fingers crossed he will get it.

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