Hi everyone,

just to let you all know that we are now all back home together!.

80 days after the journey began, its great to have her home, she is tired and emotionaly drained and very quiet as its quite a shock to the system, so prob wont come on here herself for a while, but just wanted to let people know that we finally made it!

(think I might have a wee cry in a bit - tears of joy and releif though for a change!)

Next step - see cons again mon lunchtime for thorough check up and poss go ahead to go on hols and get fit to fly cert ? fingers crossed x



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  • I Haven't commented on your posts Alex, but i've read them religiously and felt for you all every step of the way!

    May i wish you the all the best of luck for the future, and wish you and you're family get the break they well and truly deserve :)


  • Best news I've heard for AGES!


  • Hi Alex

    I havent commented before either but I have followed Snowy's troubles and now recovery, I am delighted to read she is home and I have everything crossed for Monday xx

  • Thats great news, family is back together and hopefully going on holiday x

  • I am so glad to hear snowy has managed to get home that is fantastic news. Hope you have a good restful weekend together in your own home


  • I have never posted before but like many other I have been following snowys progress with bated breath. Hearing she is home has made my day and I wish you and your family the best of luck. Congratulations

  • I am so pleased that snowy is finally home. I wish you all well and hope that you can enjoy a really restful holiday.

  • fantastic news, i am so pleased for you all, hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend and fingers are crossed for monday.

  • I am overjoyed for you all. Wishing u all a lovely wkend together. With much love. Chell.xx

  • oh happy days

    oh happy days

    when snowy escaped

    when snowy escaped

    escaped home to stay!!! ;)

    ecstatic is an understatement. welcome home to my precious snowy :) enjoy ur cuppa of decent tea and hearing bout the ARSEnal game :P haha

    portugal here u come, they better look out, while ur there - portugese men wont be safe ;) hehe

    (joking alex!!)

    BIG HUGS as always x x x x

  • Fantastic news! x

  • That's wonderful! Great news that you're all back together :-)

  • simply wonderful!

  • I am so pleased for the whole family. I haven't posted on the Snowy updates before but have, like others, been reading avidly, praying and hoping for a full recovery. Was slightly unwell myself for a few days last week so haven't been on the forum for a while and was apprehensive about any news. Well done everyone and enjoy being together, hoping you get to take your holiday, it sounds like you will need it! Best wishes, Karen.

  • Alex you must be more than elated, cos you know what you all went through. But thankfully the docs did their thing and we all prayed. So very, very happy for you all, Snowy, Snowy parents, Lewis and you.


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