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Feel Like rubbish

OMG i feel like absoulate rubbish. first i got a very sore throat which i am preety sure is a throat infection, as is the 2nd one in just over 2 months. then yesterday i chest really started to hurt espically when i breath in and out, and have loads of phglem mainly in throat that wont shift.

I had my nebuslier yesterday, and did not help, just hurt to still breath in. i dont think the sudden change of temperature is helping as our housing office has turned the heating on, but for some reaspn is not coming to our flat, and is freezing cold, and when i turn our little fan heater on, it plays havoc with the lungs. I am not sure if it is chest infection. I will go to the doctors but last time i had this feeling it was a chest infection.

when your chest and lungs are hurting when breathing, does anyone also get back in our back?

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