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Three Peaks challenge

Hi everyone,

I have had asthma for 31 years and I'm luckily well controlled at the moment (touch wood!) I am really keen to take part in the 3 peaks challenge to raise money for asthma uk but unfortunately my friends and family are all lazy and you need to take part in a team. Is anyone interested in doing this? There needs to be a minimum of 5 in the team. I am based in Cambridgeshire. Please reply to this message if you are interested!!

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Oohh, I can't do it, but I really hope you have a good time. I did Scafell for charity last year and Snowdon previously. I was asked to join the same team doing Ben Nevis this year which I was so excited by as it would have completed the three peaks but my GP and consultant have said no, not with my asthma as it is. I know they're talking sense and I'd be foolish to contemplate it as I still have problems walking round the local park but it does upset me as I have photos up of me and the team I went with in the mountains and it's always where I've felt happiest, but for now I can't do it.

I hope you can get a team together (maybe ask the charity/organisers if they have anyone they can put you in contact with?) and that you really enjoy it :) Are you aiming to do it in 24 hours? If so, you are totally and utterly MAD!!!! (I mean that in a good way :D)


Hi Kirstie,

Like Ratty I would love too but my asthma is bad my docs would have a heart attack!

Good luck and hopefully ill be able to do something like this next year.

Take care!

Kel xx


Thanks for replying Kel and Ratty. I hope that you both see some improvements in your asthma soon. The whole reason I want to do this is because I was so ill as a child and young adult and I really do feel that there are some answers out there for us!

And yes Ratty I want to do the 3 in 1 day, and yes, I know I'm mad!



Hi Kirstie,

I’m mountain mad and am currently climbing all 214 Wainwright peaks in the Lakes for AUK. I’m getting individuals to chose a peak, then sponser me £10 to climb their choosen peak and then sending them photos from the summit. So far I’ve done about 20. (So only a few more to go…)

I’d love to help with your 3 peaks challenge, I live in Snowdonia so that’s particularly handy. The only thing is I’d rather not raise additional money for AUK as I’m already fund raising for them but simply continue to raise towards my 214 Wainwrights. Does that make sense?? I’ve confused myself! Mpt sure if that would work though.

Feel free to PM me,

Mountain hugs from stunning Snowdonia,



Message to Sarah R

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for getting in touch, can't IM you because it is blocked! AUK are holding my info on file to see if they can slot me into another team but if you are able to gather together more people that would be great, IM me again if you want to discuss further.



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