constant bubbling

hi everyone

Hope you are all keeping well.I am quite well at the moment apart from this constant bubbling feeling in my chest. i feel like i need to cough to clear it but when it does i bring up phlegm but still have this bubbling feeling and i am wheezing a little bit more then usual although not really any shorter of breath then normal.

i amon carbaciztine(not sure about spelling unless i get up) to help get phlegm up but not doing any more then usual.

any one else ever get this feeling



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  • Hi kipo

    I do get a bubbling feeling from time to time it is quite odd but i just have my reliever and it usually settles it self down but if you are concerned please see your doctor.


  • HI Kipo,

    Im also on the same tablets 2 twice a day.

    they are realy good in helping me swollow as got constant mucus

    and helps me shift it from chest and throat.

    Think would ask your doc to make sure you have no infection.

    lots of love Glynis xxx

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