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Feel like they are going to pop!


Hope you are doing ok. I have had a strange feeling all week but rather than getting better it seems to be getting worse but it comes and goes in waves throughout the day - I feel like my lungs are going to pop & I am really confused as they have never felt like this before. They really ache. The only way I can really explain it is its like when you hold your breath in a swimming pool for too long & when you come up your lungs hurt for a sec except it is like that all day. Wierd thing is that I have not been coughing all that much but I do feel all tickley & a bit wheezy. Ventolin helps a bit but not for very long. Anyone got any ideas what this is? Is this a symptom of asthma I havent had before or is it something else? It was so bad last night I could barely catch my breath enough to talk to my mate on the phone & I felt like I was about 80 years old after I had walked upstairs. Thanks for help in advance.

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