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powered bicycles

Hi all,

I just wanted to share my new find with you all. I have brittle asthma like many of you guys. I desaturate when I walk so have to use a wheelchair mostly outdoors. I have regular physio to try and improve the distance I can walk safely, but have been getting more frustrated relying on others to push me in my wheelchair. Until that is I found my bike. Its fab, it is a powered bike and so I don't have to pedal. It will do about 10 miles (then needs charging) without me pedalling at all. I am so chuffed with it, as it looks so 'normal'. It is like a mountain bike and unlike my wheelchair doesn't look 'disabled'. I have a new found freedom and independence. I showed a video clip to my respiratory consultant and he suggested I wrote to asthma uk. I thought I would post a message instead. The website to look at is poweredbicyles.co.uk. I am NOT a sales rep, just a brittle asthmatic who wants others to benefit.

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I fully believe you're not a rep for them; if you were, you'd have spelled the web address correctly ;)

It's poweredbicycles.co.uk - note the extra 'c'!


I see many people around on those little bikes and am all for anything that gives folk a better quality of life and fun at the same time!!!

Happy biking!


Thanks Peaksteve for the correction, made me smile!


I live in a very hilly area and one of my GP's has a powered bike to do his visits. That way he doesn't arrive at the patient all hot and sweaty but feels its more environmentally friendly than his car.


Hello Lou, which one do you have? I quite fancy terrifying the natives with one :)



Hi Bex,

Mine is called IZIP. The wheel size is 24"" as the one initially delivered was too big! If at all possible its worth test driving/riding as they are all quite different. If you are near Nottingham the guy I bought mine from was really helpful.Good Luck...


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