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Do i have asthmas

Right well for the last week my chest has been really tight, i can only take a deep breath once every 10-15 minutes? I asked my doctor about 2 years ago but he said i havent got it. But its the first time my chest has been like this, Im not coughin like everyone says you do, but i am wheezing sometimes but only seems to be when im in bed. Dont want to be going to the doctor as he always says its nothing! do ya think i would be better seeing the nurse? I have a history of copd on both sides of my family so just wondering if anyone could help me? Thanks

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Nobody can say what you got as we can't do physical assessments. That's gotta be done by the nurse and dr .... Maybe an appointment with the nurse to discuss your concerns is a good place to start if you feel the gp is dismissive about your concerns .... Take care and hope you get some answers soon


Agree with Gussypoo. See someone, maybe try another GP in the same practice? I have a fantastic GP but a couple of his colleagues I try to avoid at all costs - there's one in particular who is totally ineffective and does nothing at all.


Agree with the others - this board is not for need to get a medical opinion.

Good luck


Hi Stacy, welcome to the forum, hope you find it useful. Asthma can be difficult to diagnose as symptoms are not always straightforward eg some people dont wheeze. The best thing is to go back to your GP or nurse and explain your concerns.

Keep a record of your symptoms for a few days before your appointment eg what time of day you were wheezing/feeling tight and how long they lasted, and show this to the GP. There may be a pattern to the symptoms.

Good luck and I hope you get sorted.


Hello and welcome to the forum,

You will find people with all levels of asthma here and answers to most questions.

Can't say if you have asthma or not, as others say go back and see another doctor or nurse. Not everyone wheezes certainly and could be the same with coughing. COPD is mostly caused by smoking and much more common in older people


may be worth going to another dr , i was coughing and having respiratory infections for a year, lost lots of time of work, had mainly a cough, some sugessted it may be TB, my dr at the time when i said ""is it asthma , "" said she didnt think i had that, after various tests, xrays, was then seen by a locum dr he refered me to a consultant who said they felt it was asthma, since then have been on seretide 250 and montelukast and surprised no cough, only if have a cold or triggers set me off, everyone different some only have wheeze, mine is mainly cough, cough, cough, which was very tiring every day and night, if you feel unwell then persue it at yr drs,

( i also insisted they took my blood because was feeling so ill, and they found out my hb was only 10.6 so i was anaemic too) so its worth keep pushing if you feel poorly, hope u get sorted soon x


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