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new to asthma it probabley sounds silly but can i ask if its normal to feel more symptoms during this cold weather, just noticed i have not been feeling as well as i have been, i am using brown inhaler twice in morning and evening , and blue when i need it as instructed by my asthma nurse, try not to use the blue unless i really need it, as it makes me feel dizzy but should i be using it more than i am, i try to work though the coughing, gogginess and feeling not right as it always settles down eventually on its on, any advice would be great.

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  • Hi Rocky!

    Lots of people with asthma find that stepping out in very cold weather affects their lungs, mine feel like they are trying to almost shrink away from the cold air!!

    I find wrapping a cotton scarf over my face helps (although I look weird doing it) as the air warms up before it gets into your lungs.


  • HI Rocky,

    yep as Angelica says, lots of people find this - I definitely get it.

    It's not great that you're trying to avoid using the blue inhaler. It makes me feel dizzy too if I use more than a couple of puffs, but I was put onto Atrovent (alongside the blue one) which takes far fewer puffs to work for me and means I don't feel dizzy.

    That might not work for you as everyone's different, but it's worth asking your GP about it as they might be able to prescribe another reliever. If you feel like you need to use lots of blue you should be going back anyway as you might need the preventer tweaking or something added, at least during this weather.

  • The cold weather makes my asthma worse and need lots of reliever and scarf round my mouth to warm the air up xxx

  • yup cold to warm and warm to cold air do the same with my lungs too. it can even happen from living room (nice and warm) to bathroom (somewhat colder). worsest in the morning, out of flat into car and then across car park at work into building. if you're not too stuffy breathe through your nose, and as others haave said wrap a scarf round your nose and mouth (if you can tolerate it). you might look silly (i know i do!) but at least it improves the reaction of our lungs. take care ><> x

  • Yes the difference in warm and cold affects me too

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  • Hello Rocky,

    It is not at all unusual to find cold weather sets off asthma. Good advice (mostly-natural/herbal does not mean safe) given already in regards to a cotton scarf over your nose/mouth and medication changes

  • dizziness

    Is the dizziness caused by the inhalers or anxiety from been unable to breath properly, i am dizzy all day from nebs and other inhalers. wish i could relax from it all. any ideas are welcome. i feel better when outside in garden.

  • Also being new to asthma i have had the same questions cold air makes me bad as i found it in november and wednesday last week ( 999 ambulance sent by nhs direct last week) I am lucky as one of my colleagues i work with has had asthma for years so knows a bit about it. Personal experience is its scarey if your not sure whats happening or going to happen. My brwn inhaler has been increased to 4 per morning & night looking likely another inhaler will be required the asthma nurse has said.

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