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Back in April of this year I was admitted to hospital again!!,but this time was diffrent. after countless nebs and steriod injections I was taken to resus for treatment where they give me the treatment Magnesiun. It worked andI felt a lot better within minutes, I have never had that before and was wonder if anybody has had the same given to them

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Ive had the magnesium sulphate a few times. Usually when i stop responding to nebulisers Always the turning point for me. Tho a bit stingy and my veins always have problems after it.


Yep I've been give magnesium IV quite a few times and it works really well for me! At the moment the standard way is through IV but i know there trialling the use of it in nebs (though the trial i've been involved in was just looking at the effects in children, so not sure about adults!).


I've also had nebulised magnesium but find IV to be the 'nicer' alternative :)


I don't get on with Magnesium nebs I have found it makes things worse as it is irritating to my airways i think, IV Magnesium either works well for me or it doesn't and I need IV Aminophylline etc most of the time it's the latter.

edited to add: annie we do the 3MG trial on adults - was that the same on paeds? :)


If magnesium IV helps you then why not consider taking magnesium daily?

Read 'The Miracle of Magnesium' by Dr. Carolyn Dean in which she devotes a chapter to asthma and also mentions magnesium IVs.


I think it might of been. I was told that i was either given a magnesium nebuliser in with salbutomol and atrovent or i wasn't (had 3 of these as part of the trial) but IV magnesium wasn't part of the trial not sure if it was for adults. Then they basically assessed you to see how much your chest/sats etc. have improved. Though when i went onto the ward i just continued with normal treatment.


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