Painful legs

Hi all I'm new to the forum and quite new to asthma had my first attack about 3 weeks ago. I've been expecting to get asthma for a long time as it runs in the family on my mum's side and I've been allergic to dust all my life and have exzma and hay fever.

After my first attack I saw the doc and because I was still tout of breath she thought I had a chest infection and just gave me ventolin but no clenil and sent me to hospital! I had to discharge myself. Because she gave me no clenil I was up all night with the most horrendous pain in my legs, never in my life have I had a pain so bad. In the morning I went on the net and found this wonderful website and phoned the asthma nurse who was extremely helpful. She said the reason I'd got the pain was because my tubes were swollen after the attack and I was not getting enough oxygen and that I should have had clenil.

I asked the docs receptionists to get me an emergency prescription for clenil which they did through the practice nurse but she only gave me clenil 50 which is the minimum dose and for kiddies.. Consequently I have been woken at 0600 every morning with pain in my ankles and had trouble getting to sleep because of it. I asked the receptionists get me some oxygen. I get on very well with the receptionists. After using the oxygen the pain goes. I was not happy with my treatment and wrote a letter of complaint saying that the doc should go on a training course to learn how to treat asthma as asthma is a killer. She eventually wrote me a letter of apology. I will never see her again. I was advised to see the practice nurse who when I saw her said she didn't have time and I would have to wait another week even after I'd told her about the pain I was having. I'm due to see her this afternoon and I will report back afterwards.

The other day I was talking to a friend who recommended her docs practice. I went along yesterday afternoon and the doc is an absolute sweetie. I was booked in with the practice nurse for a heath check up and she also was a sweetie and really knows her stuff on asthma. Bear in mind at the other practice I'd not once been asked to blow in to a peak flow meter or been diagnosed with asthma and it hadn't been put on my notes.The nurse at the new practice got me to use the peak flowmeter and was disgusted how the other practice had treated me. Meanwhile I'd had to buy my own peakflow meter which was £12.00 when I should have got it on prescription. The nurse at the new practice was disgusted at this too. I can#t wait to join the new practice. I'm sitting here on the oxygen now trying to get rid of the pain.

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  • painful legs

    Sorry that was a bit lomg.

    I saw the practice nurse today and the first thing she said was that I was registered somwhere else. She refused to accept that I had asthma and wouldn't give me another stronger becotide inhaler saying she didn't think it would do any good. I said that the extra puffs I was taking was doing a lot of good and that I wasn't getting out of breath and that she didn't have to put up with the pain in her legs. I got very frustrated and upset and burst in to tears. I decided to report them to the PC but hubby is very much against as he is staying with the practice. I will be going to my hew practice in the morning to book an appointment.

  • I'm sorry you're in pain. I get leg pain sometimes too and it's well...painful! Also I know what you mean about doctors/nurses either being good with asthma or not....I'm always relieved when I find a good one.

  • painful legs

    Thank you bee there. I'm taking 10 puffs of my clenil inhaler now as I was only given Clenil 50 and at least I only get the pain in the morning now. I'm off to try and get in with my new nurse in a bit to try and get a stronger inhaler. I'm getting dizzy taking 10 puffs!

  • You're very welcome. You know that's interesting I get dizzy too when I take a bunch of puffs of a steroid inhaler. It helps to have a high dose one and only take a few puffs.

  • painful legs

    There's no end to this leg pain. It's 5am and I've been woken up with it. I'm absolutely fed up of this asthma. Hope you're ok andn mot up with it.

  • Painful legs

    Hi all I now think the pain in my legs is caused by the fact I'm receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. It was already causing my arm muscles to be tender and now if I stay still for more than about half an hour my leg muscles get stiff and I get pain in my legs.As one of the nurses said chemo can affect your body in all sorts off funny ways.

  • It seems as if you're getting more than your fair share of ill health at the moment and I'm guessing that it's not easy dealing with two such different issues at the same time. I hope the chemo is doing what it's supposed to and that you'll get through the rest of your treatment with minimal side effects.

    Look after yourself


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