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Asthma / Chocolate link

Just been reading the Washington Post online (as you do) and a study has been carried out that showed a daily consumption of between 50 and 75 grammes of high percentage cocoa chocolate cut asthma problems among women by 50 %-several prominent women members of AUK have already called on the government to make such chocolates available on prescription,heralding the findings as ""wonderful"".

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If you follow the links on that article, there's an excerpt from a report about how eating one chicken pie a week can help increase your body's ability to deal with bird flu. I feel vindicated!


Oh, I was getting all excited then, until I remembered the date :(


As of today I have decided to suspend my trial of Black Cumin Seed Oil (from Nigella Sativa flower) in favour of a trial of a new chocolate ingredient in chicken pie. The ingredient will come from the Wonky Willie's Chocolate factory as seen on TV recently via another contact I made at the Body, Mind and Spirit fair at Brentwood the other day. He had laid on some 70% chocolate nuggets for passers by to try out at his stall.

I wondered why at the time why so many of my asthmatic friends just kept walking up and down the same row all the time....

Hopefully I will keep this trial going for a complete year to find out if the male asthmatic responds in the same way!



Oh bluejam, if only it were true...I would have some real evidence to back up my consumption (and my mother's) of G&Bs 70%!


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