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Whats the deal with humid weather??

Hope everyone is enjoying ""Summer"";yesterday in West Cumbria the temperature went up about 10 C during the day but,unfortunately,we didnt really get the sunshine,just a horrible muggy humidity that had me using my relief inhaler 7 times in the space of a couple of hours and even then ,I still felt like my throat was ""phlegmed""-up and a sudden cough would have me retching-I mean I can ""understand"" being allergic to sprays,chemicals etc but I dont understand why humidity should,per se,affect asthma-anyway at least this morning the clouds seem to have disappeared so....touching wood,today will be ok-regardless ,enjoy the sunshine everyone!!

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can you ""boing"" up our own posts???-I would be interested in any kind of reply-ta,BJ.


I have no idea what the answer is except to say that this is my first summer with asthma (diagnosed last autumn) and i have been having real problems keeping it ok. I'm on symbicort and bricanyl and have quite bad exercise asthma. I've been going through the bricanyl at a rate of knots but haven't wanted to change my overall regime as i know it is just the weather.

I'd be really interested if anyone has the answer/any wisdom??


Horrible Sunday afternoon down south. My max/min digital thermometer showed 30.6c in the shade. already 27.1c at 1020 today, Monday. Done my shopping and back home by 0945 as 32c is a possibility.


Its tooo hot!

My car thermometer showed 37 degrees! I think it was a bit cooked!

Anyway, tis nearly 30 here in Essex! Oh, bring on a good rain storm to clear the air! Not been sleeping too well either!



It started to thunder here earlier but didn't come to anything :( A few drops of rain and one rumble later and it was sunny again.

I think where the air is so dense and hot there isn't enough vapour in it so it's rather dry. My asthma is dreadful at the moment. I hope that makes sense?


I live in Northampton and i suffer with brittle asthma and hayfever. Glad to see i'm not the only one struggling to breathe :0) It's hit 30c and above for the last three days and its unbearably hot and sticky also my chest really struggles as there seems to be no air. Luckily my partner bought me a Dalek shaped Air Con system whic cools the front room a treat, sometimes you find you're legs are freezing and your face just about cool hehe. It seems to go to the extreme. Unfortunately it only cools the room its in and you can't move it as it contains gas canisters which take several hours to settle once moved. But i do thoroughly recommend it just for a bit of respite, makes you a hermit in the end lol. Can't do much about the hayever i'm afraid as you have to have a window open to fit the air con tube out which expels the hot air. So again, i totally recommend an air con system at home.


Feeling a bit of a wimp after your replies:its ""only"" been about 25C max up here-hate to think how I would cope at 30C+ !!!!!!-pouring with rain at the mo,but the humidty is still up so throat is still clogged.


..and looking forward to another day of 29 degrees, humididty 84%, I don't think!

I had been starting to think about checking ""Use By"" dates for my not so often used Ventolin inhalers, but that has all changed with a vengeance in recent times. Better check I have enough full spares around.

Not humidity-based, but related to all this, for London members, I have just found a free text/email/voicemail service for air pollution warnings. If you are interested, take a look at Unfortunately, BJ, it does not cover Cumbria. Fortunately, I do believe that the air you have up there is so much cleaner that you do not need it. Sorry the humidity is everywhere though.

Coughing all the way from Kensington



Air quality bulletins for some sites around the UK are updated hourly on the UK National Air Quality Archive website, however this doesn't include humidity information:

Looking quite good at the moment, although ozone levels were moderate in places last week - but I'm not sure how high levels have to be to be irritating to lungs.

The 5 day forecast on the BBC website does include humidity data and pollution levels (for London but use search for other towns and cities):

Temperatures do look to be cooling from Friday ...



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