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Sudden worsening of asthma, any advice?

My husband has had mild asthma all his life and has never had any major problems with it.

A couple of months ago he started getting severe attacks and having to be hospitalised regularly. He's taking extra medication which is helping but is obviously a little worried by it all.

Has anyone else had a similar thing happen?

Could anyone give me advice on how to help him adjust to this change?

Btw, I'm a newbie here, Annabelle from London.


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soz to here that your husband is having problems i experienced a smilar think a while a go when my asthma started getting worse it's not easy adjusting to it. it took me a while to get used to it the best adivce that i can give you is to take it easy & dont get scared his asthma may take a while to settle down just be patient. I know what is it like to be hospitalised as i have only just come out myself so just take each day as it comes is anthor bit of advive. hope this helps.


Hi Annabelle I ended up with asthma at the age of 17 im now nearly 32 I only ever had 2 inhalers for the first 10 years give or take a year. but now im on the brittle end of asthma and also have to have alot of hospital admission does your husband have a asthma consultant? I have one and he is brilliant he does everything he can for me to keep me out of hospital I am lucky this year only been in a few times. I really hope your husband gets the help and advice he obviously is needing at the moment good luck and keep us posted on how things are going take care and best wishes KA xxxxx


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