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Changing Doctors

Ive recently moved, a huge distance of 4 miles from my previous address!

I had a call from my doctors receptionist today to say, Im no longer in their catchment area and I need to change surgery.

Im so upset by this, at long last I have a fantastic doctor, he knows me well and he knows my brittle asthma and always goes the extra mile for me.

I know there are other good doctors, but my asthma is very brittle at the moment and I havent the energy to go through my history with yet another surgery, and have the usual mucking about with my meds that new doctors always seem to do!

Just wish I could stay with my current surgery.

Moan over!!

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I had this problem last year (as I'm a student so move every year) anyway I was able to stay at my practice despite being out of the catchment area. I had to ask the practice manager and explain why I wanted to stay (v complicated to move with my 6 consultants and the doctors had just got to know me).

It's worth a shot!?



we also moved out of the catchment area for a gp. i had to write to the practise saying why we wanted to stay tehre- the distance between the 2 was the same! and then it depended on if there was space for us to remain on the books.

don't think they're ""supposed"" to have catchmetn areas any more mind you

geina (thinking about changing her new surgery already even though she hasn't met anyone except the annoying hca who she really doesn't like)


You. Could write to your gp and practice manager requesting due to nature of your illness if you can remain there. The healthboard will have the final say and although surgery say yes they

Could still say no and u have to register else where .... It's all about costing and travel fees...


Defo agree, try asking your practice manager as receptionists can often only do as they're told/follow policy. Sounds like a great doctor so not surprised you don't want to lose him. Good luck and fight for it if you have to


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