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Please help!

Hello everyone! I could really use some advice please. I had a huge asthma attack last friday resulting in a course of steriods amongst other meds. I finished the steriods yesterday and today I feel very tight, and almost on the verge of another attack. Ive used my meds as prescribed, including my nebs,but feel as bad as I did last friday. Just not sure what to do now.

I dont want to bother my doctor again, kind of know I should, but hoping you lovely people can reassure me!

This episode is the first attack Ive had in over a year, it really shocked me as I thought my asthma had gone, how wrong am I?!

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You should go back to your GP to get checked. Dont worry about 'bothering' your doctor - that is what they are there for. Try to get an appointment before the weekend.


Yep, I'd agree, get yourself back to your Doc before the weekend, I didn't do that the other week and ended up having multiple asthma attacks all weekend until I gave in and went to OOH. Better nip it in the bud now, than making it worse. I'm the same, don't like bothering the doc, but thats what they're paid to do, see poorly people - and you're poorly!! xxx


Get an emergenmcy appt with your GP or if it gets any worse please go to A AND E XX


Thank you for your replies!

I went back to my doctor yesterday after yet another attack. Am now back on pred for another course.

Still feel awful, had attack again during the night. Feel sooo tired, but Im also not looking forward to tonight in case I have any more, dont know what to do, asthma doesnt seem to be settling down even with nebs, steriods etc.

Have been struggling all day, my chest is so tight and twitchy.

Im alone with my three children as my husband is away abroad. Sorry for the moan, but just not sure what to do anymore.


Go to your local accident and emergency unit should you struggle this evening. Do not even think about it just go. It sounds like you should be seeking medical help.



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