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Are there any really good consultants?!

I had my appoinment with my new consultant. He looked over my spirometry results and other test results, and declared..... Yes you have asthma, brittle asthma!

Wow, I was just so impressed! Can you detect a hint of sarcasm here?!

Having been in itu last week, and coming very close to not making it, I was hoping for a bit more support.

Why does it seem if the actual day when you have your appointment, if you are feeling ok, well, by that I mean not blue, wheezy, or generally half dead, do consultants and their minions never seem concerned when you tell them how bad it is on a day to day basis?

I asked about my concerns regarding finishing the course of pred, as I nearly always seem to have a significant drop in PF and problems a couple of days later, his words of wisdom, you can DECREASE your symbicort if you feel ok! Really? So that will make me feel better?!

Maybe I should have said see you in a couple of days when your plan goes wrong and Im admitted again, but dont want to tempt fate.

I left feeling a bit frustrated!

Sorry rant over!!

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Massive hugs elliew, thats sounds awful that they werent really suportive.

You should go with your instincts though and once you start reducing pred, if it stats going a little bit pair shaped go straight to your GP or back to the cons and re tell them how you are, they shouldnt be able to palm you off like that.

I know when I was having really bad issues with cons not listning to me, i pushed and pushed and eventually cracked and asked them what they did at the age of 20 and then told them to compare it to the life I was living, and thankfully so far, they are stating to listen and i should be getting some answers soon!!

stay positive, and things will start to look up...times good healer, BUT time is also fantastic for making us a stronger person!!



Well surprise surprise I ended up back in hospital last week.

My PF was getting lower, and I was going from one attack to another, ended up exhausted.

Am still having problems maintaing sats when off the o2, but am hoping to go home soon.


i sympathize, i think most docs just dont know, and dont want to know, how difficult it gets on a day to day basis. i hope youre feeling better and manage to escape soon! all the best.

Rose xxx


Hi elliew,

This may be a bit of a surprise, but

Yep, there really are some decent consultants out there and ive got one!!!

He actually listens, answers any questions i have and tunes my meds up now and then. So dont give up hope, you never know your luck.



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