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Blimmin Hayfever!

Hmm.... I think Hayfever time has started! My Asthma has be shocking for a long time, but since seeing my physio last week and my nurse and consultant last week, my eyes have been streaming and my chest has been tight. I also have my tell tale rash all over the bits of me that get hit by the pollen!

GRRR Oh well... Only until September time then it's back to the coughs colds etc!

Perhaps its an excuse to climb under a quilt and not come out!

Sniffly hugs to all :)

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Not a lot of flowers out here in my bit of Bonny Scotland. Daffodils still in bud. Snow and ice have kept them back. Crossing fingers the hayfever season is held back too.

Best wishes wss. Feel for you. xxx


I'm in Scotland too lol but I think it's the tree pollen and a good deal of buds up and about.


Thanks :) knew it would be classed as low as I'm a wee bit susceptible- Not looking forward to the high counts!

May have to high tail it out to the Sahara lol


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