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Has anyone ever had this?

Hi all....

Had a very strange costa experiene yesterday... I was on the monitor but my o2 sats were all over the place. They were constantly going from 98% down to 79% then back up.... no rhyme or reason to it. I hadn't changed anything... breathing the same etc... The only thing was when it dropped the lowest I had a massive pain in my lower lung and then after a few minutes it started to climb again. It's so confusing. Has anyone else experienced this? They were also worried about my heart rate so will need to let the nurse know. That also kept changing 132, 120, 111, 138, etc etc but always over 110 very strange again. However it's pretty normal. When i feel rubbish it is up in the 150's

Anyway out of costa pred up again :( but hopefully not for long and will be back on the maintenence dose.... really hope the sub cut is still working :(

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Sometimes they just lose as good signal.... what you have to look at is trace it give the wavy lines on the mointour.... in ambulances can be just the jumpyness of the truck


Hiya :) yeah it was tracing... I could see the wavy lines on it like normal. No idea what it was doing. Glad I'm out though :) not glad about the increased pred tho :(


Hi wss

I had a similiar episode last year where my blood gases were a bit low and my heart was racing at 150. Was put on oxygen and had a few nebs and eventually settled and sats picked up. No one ever got to the bottom of it but did have a 72 hr ecg which was normal. Am often tachy but no one really knows why. Have got a monitor at home to keep an eye on sats and Pulse. When I have an infection I get pain in my left lower lobe which has bronchiectasis. The consultant did say something happened that day but didn't know what or why, lol.


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