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just been told i have ,astma,some advice needed please


i have been having problems for the last 6 months,it started with pains in my ribs,then shortness of breath

i was told nothing wrong with my ribs,which i thought i had hurt go karting(had xrays,scans etc,they also did breathing test and said for my age and hegith i was above average,so it was not astma?)and nothing wrong,i went to see the specialist and again was told nothing wrong,i have not had a good nights sleep for the 6 months and was up most nights struggling to breath,i had seen all the doctors at my local surgery who all said try this or try that and come back in a week if no better

i finally thought enough was enough so went to a and e to only be asked WHEN DID I BREAK MY RIBS(this must have been from the go karting 6 months ago,but they had obviously missed it,NICE ONE)

i went back to my local doctors who put me on prednisole for 5 days,I FELT LIKE BRAND NEW AGAIN,then when i finished i was back to not being able to breath,so visited my doctors again who sent me straight to a and e AGAIN,they took bloods etc,put me on a nebuliser(sorry probably spelt wrong) and later that day told me i had astma?

again i went on prednisole for 5 days and again i felt BRAND NEW,im now off the prednisole and having problems breathing and am short of breath again?

i have a brown inhaler(2 puffs morning and night) and a blue inhaler to use when needed how long should i need to be on the prednisole tablets until i am able to breath ok with out them and for the inhalers to start to work ?

is there anything else i can do to help breathing while not on the prednisolne,because each time i come off them within a day i am struggling

please help

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It will probabley be a case of you going backward and forwards to the doctors till they get some medications that work for you and they get the dosage right, i am afraid there is no over night cure it is a lot of trial and error until the doctor has it sorted.

Make sure you take your preventer and reliever reguarly as your instructions tell you and they should start taking effect in about 2 weeks to a month but any trouble go back to your GP or a and e. Dont mess around with being unable to breath.

feel free to ask more questions and welcome to asthma UK.


What Plumie said.

Also a note - broken ribs (or indeed any broken bones) don't necessarily show up straight away on an x-ray, especially if it's not displaced.

Generally, there is very little point in X-raying suspected broken ribs - it doesn't change the treatment whether you're just bruised or broken, which is simply painkillers.


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