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I have my first P.E lesson with my asthma, TIPS???

I have a few ideas, like ask my teacher to look after my inhaler and have my friends help me, but i love doing P.E so much that i'm worried i'll forget to take my reliever inhaler if i need it.

does anyone have any advice to give me so that i don't lose my breath in P.E and so i can enjoy my 2 hours of P.E. as i don't want to have to sit out in P.E.

any kind of help will do.


From Melissa


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Hey :o)

Why don't you try taking your inhaler before you start PE and just keep it in a pocket or something- or you could always ask the teacher. Try not to think about what other people think, if you need it just take it...

Hope that helps.

Emzie x


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