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Hi all, sorry for not being around

Hi everyone

Sorry for not being around, read all the posts over the last day or so but far too many to reply to all of them.

Kat - sorry you were in again, next time try and time it so were in together lol

Bex - read your story and very moving, keep up the spirits!

Plumie - glad it all went well for you

Dr Cath - well done on the marathon - very proud!

and everyone else, sorry my brain is not working too well to remember!

After my nephew commiting suicide a few months ago, which ive only just got over, then my gran died last week, on hearing the news (as I was v close to her) I had a bad attack and ended up captured. Now back out but dreading the funeral next week and hoping that I can stay well and strong enough to get through it for my parents sake if nothing else as the last thing my mum needs is for me to fall ill right in the middle of it.

Anway, I hope to be around a bit more now

Hugs to all


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Hugs snowy. No mere words can convey more. Just hugs.

Moira xx


Oh snowy,

Sending hugs, sorry you have had so much to cope with. I understand the grief of loosing a Grandma as I lost mine in April but I can't begin to understand evertything else you have gone through.

Please stay strong.





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