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A bad 6 weeks

My first post so here goes.

Have recently moved and so have changed doctors. Previous docs was really good with my asthma and since my serious attacks some 6 years ago (back of an ambulance twice to hospital and serious attack whilst in hospital) I've been fine.

Until now.

New docs has reduce my preventer and since a bronchitis attack in early December I've been struggling. I've had the steroids for a week which began to work but since I stopped 2 weeks ago the symptoms have been getting worse. Woke up twice during the night and took my reliever and have had to take it a further 3 times today at work. Managed to get to see the docs tomorrow and I'm desparately hoping they will help me get a grip with this again.

If they don't, any advice please fellow suffers? I can't even walk the dog.

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I would ask for a medication review - also talk about upping your preventer again and ask them for their rationale in dropping it?

If you don't get anywhere - ask for a referral to the hospital respiratory team

Good luck! Oh and welcome to the boards :)


Thanks for the reply. Hadn't thought about the referral as my previous doctor was really good.

Bad night again, three times I had to take my releiver, something I've not had to do before.

Oh well fingers crossed.


hope you get a better night's sleep! its a sure sign that you having a rough time when the damn asthma wakes you up. well controlled should be not needing to take your blue reliever! what did the doc/GP say when you saw him/her? hope they gave you some useful advice. i can sympathise with the not being able to walk the dog, any small activity is tiring! specially when theres a lack of sleep involved. take care. xx ><>


Welcome to the forum - hope u find it useful. Sorry to hear u been unwell. Hope u got on ok at GP today.


Well saw the Doc and he put me back on my Seritide :-) and Prednisolone as well as some more antibiotics.

Difference is noticeable, not sucking on my reliever anywhere near as much. Not sure if I'm sleeping at night because I've just come off my night shift, so hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight.

Fingers crossed it's back under control. Thanks for the support, this is a good place to be.



Well have finished my prednisilone and am on 2xpuffs 2xdaily of Seretide 125. Seems to be back under control at the moment, haven't touched my blue puffer since Wednesday and have even managed to get back on the rota for the dog walking which is good.

But perhaps the best news is my wife's not as worried - thank goodness.

Hope it remains steady and also hope I can return the advice to others too.

Thanks again people, reassuring to know we are not alone.


Well an update.

First the good news. Not touched my blue puffer for two weeks now and my dry cough has gone. Read somewhere others on Fostair also had a dry cough?

Just picked up my new 'script and it has a little note on to to say that I need to make an appointment with my doctor for a medication review. Bit rich as they've seen me some 3 times since Christmas?

I'm rather concerned, as that I am now stable, they will want to put me back on the the Fostair again and I don't want to. Second concern is that I am on steroids for nasal polyps. I've had three ops to remove these insidious things over the last five years or so. They've also tried to reduce the medication I take for these, however my consultant stated, quite categorically, that he wanted a ""judicious approach"" to keeping the things away as I only have one eye (my right) and the things grow on the right hand side.

So my question is; can they force me to take the medication they prescribe and not the ones that work? What are my options/rights?

Thanks in anticipation.

Sorry for the complex question.


They can't force you, although they may get a bit stroppy.

My view of things though is that a good Dr/care team should work with you to find what's best for you, taking into account your thoughts and feelings along with their professional judgement. I am very lucky in that my GP will work with me like that and trusts my judgement, and the consultant I saw was also big on patient choice and a collaborative approach rather than do as Dr says or else.

I really hope you keep feeling better.

Sue x


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