Don't Want to be asthmatic anymore!

Ok I am realy fed up. I have been having Shortness or breath, cough and tight chest for about 2 years now. First it was idopathic anaphylaxis then VCD with mild asthma. But I am now offically Brittle type 2 now after a bronch and other tests. Anyway on lots of meds still going into costa! Next stage is Sub-cut.

The thing that I have been fighting to get better is I was offered a place to study Nursing in september anyway today went to occupational health question why I felt nursing was suitable for 'someone like me' and as I havent managed to work full time has stopped me from starting my course. I am fed up of asthma controlling my life. Cant do half the things I wanted and already left a nursing course at the begining of my illness....

More of a rant realy... dont know what to do withmyself health is the only thing i am good at

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  • Bizkid,

    Firstly, don't fear sub-cut. If it works it can be life changing! If it doesn't at least you know you have tried!

    Secondly, I would complain about that comment- You should have equal access to your course and saying ""someone like you"" is clear discrimination. I was ill throughout my degree but had special arrangements and was able to take exams as and when I felt well enough to do it. Sometimes it meant I was doing an exam by myself but that was fine. It took longer but I got there.

    Good luck Bizkid, PM me if you want to chat :) I have been there!!!!


  • I dont fear sub-cut want to start on it now as I dont think being on higher pred will work and I know heading for a intubuation...

    I can understand his point of view if I start but fall behind and then makes me worse its no good for me.. I only have so many years to complete the course once started due to nmc regulations and then theres the fitness to practice (that why I left my last uni course!)

  • Bizzkid unfortunately attitudes hasn't changed. I was asked that same question 21 years ago. At my nurse interview. Ive been told that due to my illness I had better understanding of exactly what patients feel re illness and anxieties. Im sure u will also. As nursing isn't just physical but psychological care You will make an excellent nurse. My asthma want a problem during my training. Hope the subcut helps. I was told to consider it as one of my options but haven't pursued it any further as trying long term antibiotics to reduce inflammation in my lungs.....

  • HI bizkid

    Just want to let you know, i know how you feel!

    I cannot do anything i want to do any more because of my health (not just asthma).

    It is really frustrating! I wanted to be a music teacher but i failed the fitness test and then i tried other work and each attempt had me in hospital fighting for my life!

    I have now learnt the hard way that it is better to find hobbies you enjoy and focus your time and energy on them. Ie volunteering with admin for 3 organisations that interested me and putting my limited physical energy in to attending church reguarly.

    feel free to pm and moan when ever i understand how hard and demoralising it can be!


  • Hi Bizkid,

    sorry to hear you're having such a difficult time with your asthma. I know how it is but from a mother's point of view. My daughter was medically retired at the age of 20 due to her asthma and the amount of hospital admissions. Her work were excellent - reducing her hours etc. to see if that helped but sadly she had to leave. I agree with both the comments to a certain extent- I think you should be allowed to start your course especially with your new treatment regime. Who knows it may work really well for you. The only drawback I can see is that in your course you have to do ""placements"" in a hospital setting and there could be problem with that but I think you could argue for the right to be treated like everyone else and for your tutors to see beyond the illness. I wish you good luck.

    The other point I agree with is that if you do start your course and have to drop out then maybe you have to accept ( how I used to hate that word )your limitations and concentrate on what you can do, How about volunteering as a speaker or some other position with AUK and help to educate people about asthma.

    My daughter had to re-think her whole outlook on life and find out what she could do instead of what she couldn't.

    I wish you loads of luck in your course. Please keep us up to date with what happens with you. Take care. LIZ x x

  • Ok today got over they I cant believe they can stop me stage still little depressed as asthma has changed everything and still not used to it. I do understand the views and I dont want to start and then been forced to leave.

    I am planning on finding a new job and slowely increase my hourse and if needed have sub-cut and medications sorted out. Plus will give me a chance to come to terms with everything better. I am still planning on going next september I am a very determined person and wont let asthma win.

    My current work are understanding but it does annoy them when I am off sick and been in the meetings to discuss what they can do. They do stop me from working outside and generally not by myself!

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