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Advice as I'm fed Up

I was diagnosed with Brittle Asthma about 8 months ago now after my anaphylatic reactions turned more asthma. I am currently on Sertide and zafulast but i havent noticed a change..... my peak flow is up and down and I am coughing allot.... I also have Vocal Cord Dsyfunction and the cough tend to start a VCD attack and if I dont control a VCD attack quickly I start having a asthma attack.... when I have an attack I have realy bad attacks and usually have to have IV salbuamol amoloifine or Iv adrenline. I have been in ITU 3 times in the last 6 months on a ventilator and fed up of asthma I have had to leave my uni course (was training to be a paramedic) as my asthma was too brittle... I have been in hospital over 50 times in 14 months with breathing problems.... the only relieve I get is when I first go on steriods but as soon as I seem to be getting it under control it get uncontroilled. I am 21 so they dont want to put me on steriods for longer than a few weeks and steriods make my VCD worse....

Any idead on drugs that are worth a try?

Any alternitive thearpy's that could help?

Anyone heard of any special diets that might help or weird treatments?

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Hi Bizkid, sorry to hear you have been struggling so much with your asthma lately, are you currently seeing a hospital consultant who is a specialist in difficult asthma? If not ask your current consultant to refer you to a difficult asthma clinic as they may have some weird and wonderful ideas for you, I believe the nearest to you would be Southampton General though my geography is very poor! or possibly the Royal Brompton in London or maybe Heartlands in Birmingham.

There is a treatment called Xolair which was licensed for use a few years ago, it is injections on a 2-4 weekly basis depending on your individual IgE level and weight, the treatment is suitable for those with allergic asthma, an IgE level within a certain range (30-700 approximately If I recall correctly) and weight within a certain limit. It will depend on your individual circumstances and there can be funding issues with the PCT/hospital.

You say you have VCD, do you see a Speech and Language Therapist for breathing exercises for it? If not you should speak to your consultant about being referred to one.

Do you get acid reflux? Reflux can make asthma and VCD worse. There is treatment available for reflux such as Omeprazole and Lansoprazole.

For some patients subcutaneous infusions of Terbutaline at home can be beneficial but this will depends very much on the nature of your asthma and other factors.

Have you tried oral Aminophylline/Theophylline? Or Montelukast tablets - this treatment is particularly good for those with allergic asthma or exercise induced asthma. Though you are on Zafirlukast, Montelukast may work better for you.

Please be cautious with Alternative therapies especially with your history, don't stop your treatment and ask your consultant if its suitable for you.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Take care, Simi.


I have only just been to the Brittle asthma unit at heartlands and they were the ones that stuck me on zaflukast as I was on monklaukast that didnt do anything.. the problem is that I have to wait 6 weeks to try a new drug and seems when I first change my asthma gets bad and I am in and out of hospital...

I have just started speach and language theapy but I find it very hard to work out if its VCD or asthma as I tend to get them both at the same time.....

I am on lanzoprazole and gaviscon for Acid reflux control... I was already on lanzprole for allergies

I think my asthma is everything triggerered... I have had attacks after excercise to something and soemtimes out of the blue

I asked last time about daily theophyline and they said its not recoomended for me as I do have problems with low potassium and it would only lower it. I dont think i would be allowed Xoair as I have a high IgE level as I have Idiopathic Anaphyalxis

I have lots of other health problems that were started due to drugs and the effect pf getting ill.... i have deveoped poor glucose control from steriods an irregualr heart beat from adrenline and low potassium... I wonder what i be like when I am old


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