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winter olympics and asthma

this link on the winter olympics and asthma has a section that I know partially true, Beta2-agonists are on the banned substance list for competitive events, but the bit about promoting muscle growth? never heard that yet.

""The most commonly used bronchodilators, a class of drug known as beta2-agonists, are prohibited by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Because beta2-agonists can promote muscle growth, athletes with asthma must prove they have the disorder and must receive permission to medicate themselves; otherwise, they run the risk of being disqualified from the Games. ""The IOC has really cracked down on this,"" says Georas. ""A few years ago, a lot of people declared themselves asthmatic, which was thought to be a way to get inhaled steroids.

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this has been the case with the summer olympics as well. I am not sure how much it promots muscle growth a aprt fromt eha rticle says but i do know it alters the bodies physiological response to stimulus so therefore the body could potentially be at a advantage in its response time which can be vital in events such as skiing or something where your reactions have to be very wuick and milli seconds count for everything.

I think it is basically to ensure everyone is on a level playing field.

if you remember alain baxter took a vics inhaler which was not intened to be used for performing enhancing qualities but he was dsq due to the effects it could potentially had. its all about makin sure no one is at an advantage from anyone else.

also when you are competing at such a high level everything has to be declared and all medical condition disclosed. if a olympian suffers from asthma they are still allowed to take the medication fro it as long as it is disclosed and there is medical evidence for its use. also athkletes go through so many doping tests so blood and urine is tested frequently and medication mya show up in these tests so having medical evidence for the use of them rules them out in the tests.



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