Emergency SMS

For those who don't know you can register and send text messages to the emergency service, useful if you can't speak, or hard of hearing.

The service has and is still being trialled and has over 4500 people registered so far. By all accounts the trial is going very well and is likely to become a permanent service in the very near future.


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  • Cheers woody-som, doubly helpful as I'm deaf and now my asthma is now brittle!I Will look into this

  • well i can say this service is great, I had the misfortune to collapse in a heap this morning and just managed to say ambulance but wasn't sure so the sms pre stored message came in handy, really hope never need it, the nebs or the ambo trip to a+e again,

  • Woody-som.

    tried set my phone up to it but not had a reply from 999 .x

  • you followed the instructions here tinyurl.com/22o6xnl checking you typed register properly?

    Just registered a second mobile I have, all done within 2 mins.

  • woody-som

    Re sent it. so waiting for reply ,hope works this time.

    thanks x

  • Sorry to hear you needed to use this, but really glad to hear that it worked so well. I haven't needed to use it (yet) but it's reassuring to know that it works.

  • managed to set my mobile up,thanks woody-som x

  • I have this setting already built into my samsung Tocco Light and it doesn't work. I have it set to send a text to my hubbie as well as the emergency service and none of them get the text. So strange I can't have completed the registration process but the problem I haev know is I can up-grade my phone and re-new my contract in November so would it be a waste of time me looking into why this function doesn't work on my phone?

  • asthma familiy, if you intend to keep the number you have, then yes register now. the service is actually tied to the mobile number and not the phone. even if you don't keep the number, whats the harm in registering.

  • Thanks Woody - set my phone up

  • Thanx woody,

    I've been a bit concerned since my recent bad attack at work(came on whilst sat in my car) and been wondering about what to do if it ever happened again. The worst thing is, as you said, when you can't talk during an attack, so couldnt even ask for help.

    This service could be a life saver and I've never heard of it before.

    love Lydia xx

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