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Crono Pump - Bricanyl Infusion


I know that this has been discussed before but I have a McKinley pump at present but I am hoping to get a Crono, what size syringes do people use and can you only get them from the Pump suppliers?


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They come in 3 sizes the biggest being 30 ml. The pump only takes the chrono syringes.


Thanks for this information, any suggestions how I go about getting funding for the Pump, I have spoken to my GP and Consultant and there is no budget which isnt a suprise!!?


Sorry I don't. Mine is supplied and serviced by the hospital I attend


I am currently going through the funding process via my GP, the local PCT is dealing with our request, and will probably take months, the reason we are applying for a new one is mine is old and there is no suitable back up system in place when mine fails!



i have 3 crono pumps! 2 i use for S/C immunoglobulin and 1 wheni am on Terbutaline.

i got my terbutaline though fundraising, so it was paid for myself, i was given a grant form Girlguiding uk about 8 years ago, they cost about £900!!!

the syringes are unique to them so you have to use the specific ones, again you can get them either yourself or from your PCT, the same company Applied medical also supply the sofsets and silluetts or thallacets, depending on wat you use.

the company just may be able to help, give them a call.

g xx



My HCT is now discontinuing the Grasebys........... Probably going over to McKinleys!

Hoping for a Crono if I can justify it!



Wishing u luck for the crono ..... They are so small and easy to slip into ur pocket that I forgot its there most of the time


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