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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I have to go up to London for the day next week and I always suffer in London as the air quality is so bad. I am struggling for control at present already and know this will not help. I am up there for work and will be there with my manager and her manager! Not the best of times to have a splat so I want to try and avoid it if at all possible.

Has anyone got any brainwaves?


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Take a scarf and use it as a 'mask' when out and about if possible, you shouldn't look out of place then.


If you're using public transport, try to travel out of rush hour times. You're less likely to be on a very crowded bus than on a very crowded tube, and more easily able to escape if you feel ill or if you find yourself next to a trigger (e.g. someone's perfume). Walk as far away from roads (e.g. the far side of the pavement) as possible - I believe (as a wheezing cyclist) that that distance makes a big difference. I generally find when I'm away the biggest problem is trigger-filled hotel rooms. If you have any questions about the logistics of London, feel free to PM me, I live here.



You might like to keep on eye on the following website, which forecasts the days pollution levels. It gets updated about 8pm every evening. This airtext service is invaluable to us Londoners.

Pollution levels here, as you will see, are low at the moment, thanks to the rubbish weather.

Hugs from Kensington




Thank you!

Thanks for all replies - good ideas all and thanks for the web link Alan. Fingers crossed! My manager knows I'm asthmatic but doesn't understand what brittle means and I don't spend much time with the big boss so have no idea what she knows!

Fingers crossed really - I'm going up on Tuesday so if I suddenly disappear for a few days you know why!

Take care all




I presume you are on preventer inhalers/steroids if you are brittle in which case would you be able to up your meds to cover you (with whoever deals with your asthma approval )

Certainly try and avoid going out in rush hr if poss and take your releiver prior to going outside just to give u a little boost.


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