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hi, been checking out the posts and they have yet again been beneficial to me as it shows im not the only one who is fed up with their asthma. this blooming weather is doing my head in. been quite chesty for couple of weeks now-even more than normal, but last night i felt ill, vomiting loads, coughing and wheezing but my peak flow was only slightly down-does anyone else experience this(peak flow not100% but not that low that need medical help). today i feel like ive got a weight on my chest and still wheezy but loads better....hope everyone is ok xxx

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  • My peak flow does not always drop, go by your symptoms, it sounds like you are worried so go and see your GP for a chat!

    I rang my resp nurse for a chat today, for same reason as you, peak flow happy but symptoms rearing there ugly head!


  • HI JAY39

    My pf doesnt always drop alot but have bad symptoms.

    go by how you feel and get help if you need it.

    good luck Glynis xxx

  • did speak to my gp nurse today but about something different but she mentioned that i was never 100%sure if i should get medical help as sometimes my hiatus hernia can mimick the signs of asthma but at the min the weather is making me fed up..its a bummer cos i love the sun but walking and even sitting in the sun is making me ill....dont want to have to sit still for ever lol

  • jay39.

    the hot weather is to much for me but best in a little breeze.

    I have a rotery fan on me when sitting on soffa and helps alittle xxx

  • jay39.

    the hot weather is to much for me but best in a little breeze.

    I have a rotery fan on me when sitting on soffa and helps alittle xxx

  • My peak flow doesn't drop a great deal (10-15%) but i get symptoms of tight chest, breathless, struggle to read kids bedtime story! I.m wondering weather to even check peak flow or just to record the use of my inhaler in future.

  • your peak flow is only part of a clinical presentation, if your having an increase ofsymptoms of your asthma, using your reliever more then you should seek medical advice. if you are using your reliever less than 4 hourly then you need to seek attention more urgently. a drop in 20 and not a drop in 20% for my pf means the difference between stable and a visit to a and e

  • My peak flow at my last check was 480 but the practice nurse said that she would have liked to have checked it before i started on clenil! (I've only been diagnosed a few months). Hubbys best peak flow recently has been 380 and his worst that i know of was 120. The peak flow of 120 was done by a paramedic who was called by NHS direct. This same paramedic walked into our house and before he even started any obs told me 'this could have been dealt with by your gp' and then announced that the peak flow of 120 was 'good'. In A&E hubby spent nearly 2 hours on the nebuliser to get stable and was then found to have pneumonia.

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