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hi all hope everyone is doing ok...i had a very dodgy week last week. had a number of bad attacks and needed advice on saturday about steroids. couldnt get hold of my docs,asthma team and nhs direct is rubbish so i went to the walk in clinic for the first time.waited 30mins to ask for this advice, sat down in the chair and the doc said i was to be put immediately on a neb and an ambulance was called! needless to say once id been taken i had to spent time away. spent time on a ward on which i brought the average age down to at least 95, surrounded by mostly very confused dementia women-nice. actually managed to dislocate my knee cap again just getting out of bed so that was erm painful,especially trying not to wake the others who had only just gone to sleep after hours and hours. back home after tons of nebs and steroids and im absolutely knackered but feeling the best ive felt ever after coming out of hospital-well until i started moving around this morning-hey ho back to normal and waiting for the resp team to visit xxxx

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get well soon. i'm jus recovering from a episode which i was in hospital for last night. know the very sore lungs feeling only too well :)


hi jay39.Sorry you havnt been well and got captured.Hope you have some good days now back home xxx


Sorry to hear all that. Hope you feel better soon.

Angeline xx



Goodness, I do hope your much better now.



Hi Jay39,

I am so sorry that you have been having problems.

I do hope you are starting to feel better soon


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