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Really had enough

I'm so frustrated with my lungs at the moment they just seem set on causing problems for me. I was off work sick all last week because of my asthma and I've been using loads of inhalers plus 4 hourly nebs as instructed my the doctor in A&E and my annoying lungs still causing problems this weekend, must go back to work tomorrow because if I don't then I'm at risk of loosing my job.

My peakflow just seems to be stuck in my red zone and only occasionally going into my yellow zone

I've got a respiratory consultant that is hopeless I really do not think he is interested in my asthma treatment all he says is that there is nothing more he can do for me he says one thing then doesn't get on and do it.

Just do not know where to go from here, beginning to think that with regards to my asthma that there is nothing else that can be done and therefore must put up with it being like this from now on

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im really sorry to hear you lungs are misbehaving!!

do you know what is setting your asthma off?? if you've been in a and e/are in your 'red zone' do you have a point of contact in your resp team for advice and follow up? seems like you have been left with very little suppport!

you say your cons has 'given up' ... are you under a specialist centre at all, as there is often other options/tricks to try (well this is what my cons keeps telling me lol!)

sorry i cant really offer much advice, but really hope things get better for you! it can be really frustrating when things just dont seem to be getting better!

B x


It is frustrating to hear a consultant say that. Is yours a general respiratory consultant? If so, get a referral for a specialist difficult asthma clinic from the consultant or your GP may be able to also. Don't know where you are in the country but there are clinics in London, Birmingham and a few others.

I'm not in the same situation so not sure what else to suggest but there will be others here


If you are unhappy or disagree with a dr's decision you Can request a second opinion and as other have stated ask for a referral to a tertiary centre for asthma ..... Never give up I was told in 2010 that their wasnt any further treatment options ... Then last year they tried bricanyl which has helped despite all saying it shouldn't and why it had been dismissed as a treatment. now after being told I didnt meet the requirement for bronchial thermoplasty I now Do.... new treatments are being trialed at present and drs hope they be one available in the future... Try remain positive and patient . Hope u feel better soon ....


Well said Gussypoo, always options just haven't been tried yet. Have been told by consultant that I shouldn't be on atrovent as for COPD but GP started it and it helped the most?


I've been on atrovent since 2001 and I definately respond better to it. Worse drug ever for me was flixotide And seretide. Tho many drs kept recommending it after 2 failed trials I now refuse to even discuss it. The respiratory team I'm Under are research based and think out of the box. Even tho sometimes They get stumped as to what to do next they always remain upbeat about potential new treatments aNd developments. so you never know what's round the corner ... When things start to look bad and in abit of despair. I consider my options and think of those worse than me .... No matter how bad u are there is always someone worse of than you ... Getting on with life the best they can ... Have strength from that ....


Thank you for your replies everyone, I was told back in December 2011 when I was in hospital that my consultant had sent a referral letter to the Royal Brompton Hospital London after my last appointment with him in October when he said that there was nothing else he can do for me.

I contacted RBH in January to see when I'm likely to have an appointment with them and it turns out that they haven't received any referral letter about me, I contacted my consultant he now told me that he hasn't done the referral letter after all he now reckons I'm not quite at that stage yet but did say again that there is nothing else he can do for me.

I will keep pestering my Consultant and GP until somebody does something to help me


Hi Asthmagirl,

I would definitely keep on at them - if your cons can't do anything for you and has said so exactly why does he think you are not at the stage of needing a specialist centre yet?! What are you meant to do in that case?! Might be worth trying the nurses on here if you haven't already - they can be good at advising on strategy.

I've been referred to RBH by my latest cons - they say they are out of ideas as their tests don't show anything, and need an expert (and if I am going I would have thought you definitely need it!) However, although they suggested it they said it would be quicker for them to tell my GP what they want and for him to do it directly; this might also be an idea for you perhaps? If your cons has brought it up you could just ask your GP to do it?

Good luck and I really hope you get somewhere.


I see my consultant every 3 months and all he ever says is he wants to keep me safe! I want to be kept safe but I also want to feel better if possible. I saw a very young doctor at the clinic on Wednesday instead of my consultant who listened to my lungs then said I have a considerable wheeze but it is ONLY Asthma!!! I know she probably meant no infection but it was upsetting! I am new to the forums and reading about other people is such a help. I sometimes feel as if I am over reacting but when I had what the consultant called a catastrophic attack it was very real!!! I get so fed up with myself and feel guilty cos I am never well and feel like a pest sometimes. My GP said I make him nervous because he can give me good advice and a few hours later I have gone downhill. Sorry for the moan!!


Pauline the dr probably meant that your wheez was due to your asthma and nothing else.... Some dr's with their in experience think thats reassuring to hear..without realising how hurtful or dismissive it sounds .. I think your doing the right thing if you have any concerns about asthma get things checked over ...


Thank you Gussiepoo some doctors really should learn to think before speaking!!!! Hope I have spelt your name right!!!


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