A little fed up

Well the cold and frosty weather is here again, my chest is tight and I am finding it difficult to breath, coughing loads and seem to have got the asthmatic wheeze which is strange because I do not normally wheeze, I am coughing nasty green stuff from my chest and as if that is not enough I have broken two ribs on my right side so no wonder I am in excruciating pain.

Just a little fed up and needed a little moan.

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  • hope you feel better soon and got the meds you need and antibiotics. Lots of fluids. Sending you a big soft hug xxx

  • aw asthmagirl, years ago when I had a chest infection I wheezed day and night, a lot more than I do now when my asthma is bad.

    As Glynis said, hope you have antibiotics and any other meds you need.

    How on earth did you break 2 ribs? A big ouch :(

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Thanks for your replies to this post.

    I am starting to feel a bit better now apart from my two broken right ribs which I think I must have done through coughing whilst having an asthma attack.

  • hi asthma girl, i will join you in feeling fed up, just letting you know you are not alone. i am sat waiting for a home visit from GP spent last 3 nights barking like a seal and have a sore back too!

    Hope you start to get better soon


  • Thanks Plumie, I hope you start to feel better soon as well

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