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Had enough of not being able to breathe

I have had 4 severe asthma attacks this week, two in one day then another one afternoon at work and then the last one this evening, three of them needing medical help, so far this evening I am struggling along hoping my inhalers will work there magic, at this time of night I really would prefer not to be captured by men and women in green and taken off to hospital, but if I do need medical attention then I will get it.

If it is not asthma causing me problems then it is hayfever either way I can not breath.

I am not getting much sleep either.

I have just about had enough now, all my meds are up at maximum, not sure what else I can do, if anything.

Sorry, I just needed to have a moan that's all

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your not on your own . I have had a week from hell too . 3 v bad attacks in 3 days ; ( Im medicated up to the hilt . Im just trying to keep out of hospital . keep your chin up and rest


I can completely empathise! My lungs are so unhappy right now, I'm on maximum medication I can be on without going into hospital :(

I'm so desperately trying to keep myself out of hospital, I hate how asthma feels like it's controlling my life right now :(

Hugs to you and everyone else struggling xxxx


think everyone seems to be in the same boat at the minute. im constantly having attacks, some i know should be managed in hospital. the weather is playing havoc. its not until you have a good day or so that you realise how awful your breathing is, and how much you take it for granted. chin up xxx


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