Chest infection and bad asthma

I just need to let off steam by having a little moan.

I have a very nasty chest infection which is causing bad asthma I have throbbing ribs probably due to me coughing so much, I have not been able to sleep for 6 nights now. I am on antibiotics for the chest infection and all my asthma meds have been increased where possible, I am using paracetamol for pain relief.

My coughing sessions last anything from 30 minutes to 1 hour sometimes longer where I am coughing nasty stuff up, when I sit up throbbing ribs, try to move from room to room I get very breathless and then start coughing again when I try to lie down throbbing ribs and breathless again.

I am so fed up and exhausted

Thanks for reading this and sorry to moan.

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  • Hope you are feeling better soon lots of love and hugs

    Amy xxx

  • Hope you feel better soon.Im the same and worn out xxx

  • Yes it's exhausting and awful when u can't sleep. Have u tried Pholcodine for the cough? we find it helps. Also I sit up against 6 - 8 pillows in bed because I can't lie down. I find it helps my sore back. Hope things improve for you soon.

  • asthmagirl:

    i dont find that paracetamol does much for me in the way of pain control, codeine?

    also, as the others said, i find it helps TRYING to get rest as sleep is nay on IMPOSSIBle ini, by sitting almost upright against plenty pillows in a room with bowl of water ontop of a heater (moistens the air in the room!)

    plenty fluids :)

    after having this bloody chest inf for 12 days now i shud be pro! haha argh! worn out is not the word!!

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