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bombard the Health Secretary with emails about flu jab???

ok just had a look at the forums and i'm angry and disgusted about the obvious shortage of flu vaccine...anyone else of the same opinion as myself that members of this site should bombard the Health Secretary with emails expressing our anger, concern and disgust regarding the serious shortage of flu previous years we were told to make sure we had the flu jab by the middle of October!!! this shortage problem occurred last year ..why hasn't this obvious problem been rectified..good grief theyve had 12 MONTHS to make sure that this problem didnt repeat itself!!

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Thing is its not really the goverments fault this time somthing went wrong when they were making it so they had to distroy alot of them I dont no the full fascts but thats what I've heard on the tv


the problem is that each year they have to make a new vaccine based on the strains expected to be a problem that year. So they don't have 12months to prepare. From what I remember they thought they had got the strain wrong and started again this year - which would you rather have - an ineffective one at the usual time or an effective on a bit late?



Much as it pains me to say ""don't blame the government"", Owl is absolutely right.



hmmmmmmmm! I know we blame everything on the goverment and I for one am the first to say its the goverments falt for this and that but not this time there is nothing anyone can do to sort this out it just takes time unfortunatly!!

Giggles xx


I just wonder why I heared an advert on the radio for some private clinic you can get it done ASAP.


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