Doctors tomorrow im so defeated... HELP ADVICE PLEASE!!

Hey all,

as some of you may know ive been off work for 7 weeks now with chest infection, post viral etc... however my symptoms are worse this week again and fear it may be pneumonia or some sort of infection in my lung that has been over looked.

i can't breath properly now and don't think its my asthma, meds changed 3 times now and still chest pain, lots of phlem even with the nasal spray (steriod) singulair and anti-histimanines.

have been having bad headaches since monday and feel sick and tired, sometimes dizzy, the doctor phoned me yesterday and im seeing a doctor tomorrow. its so frustrating as its been over 7 weeks and not getting anywhere, i really want a chest x ray to see how my lungs are, yet do you think the headaches and sickness are linked? i came off tablets monday for dizziness and sickness and since then feel worse.

any help will be good as im at the end of my tether with all of this


kel xx

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  • Dont give in things will get somewhere eventually it oftne just requires patience.

  • Hi Have you every thought of getting some healing ? I am a healer I work in a healing clinic once a week at my local Spiritualist church its free find out if theres a church near you. I also have healing myself and its really helped my asthma !

  • many thanks both, your right jules it takes a while but so slow, takes some getting used to, how long has it taken you to get where you are?

    thanks also for the spiritual healing advice, i will try to get x rays etc... as i think its the infection but your right things like spirituality, yoga, meditation all those things can help, emotionally and psychically i do do some things like that, however don't know anything about spiritual healing, what does that entail? ill do some investigation.

    kel x

  • Spiritual Healing is amazing, you sit in a chair and the healer puts there hands on you shoulders, back where ever they feel guided if they put them at the front its away from the body !

    Or if you don't feel comfortable with being touched they do it a couple of inches away from your body, the healer chanels the healing energy into you for about 20 minuets.

    Its lovely you sit with your eyes closed and go into a nice meditation while its happening, everyone feels something different when they have healing it releases a lot and some people do cry. Its beautiful and can be a very spiritual experience !

  • I forgot to say a doctor can perscribe spiritual healing as SNU healers are recognized by the general medical council !

  • Many thanks starchild thats great.

    kel xx

  • Your welcome !

  • It's true that there are some spiritual healers attached to e.g. oncology wards in the NHS, but this will vary significantly from area to area and may not be available where you are - so your GP may not be able to refer you for this therapy.

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