The Great North Run

Hi everyone,

I am sitting here this morning (just got out of hospital the other day) and am watching the Great North Run. I have seen a few people running for asthma Uk and just wanted to say I have so much admiration for anyone who has run this or any other race to raise money for charity. Its a great inspiration to watch.

Congratulations to everyone who took part!!

Love, Sarah x

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  • I second this - well done to anyone who has managed to do a sponsored anything for Asthma UK or any other charity.

    Special mention to the other Emily for the 5km Hydro Active, and Kate for the Lung Run!

    Now I just have to think of a sponsored something that I can do... any ideas anyone?

    Em H

  • Another Well Done to the Great North Runners! I have only ever walked over the Tyne Bridge - would love to run across it! LOL.

    Em, Thanks! And Thanks Sarah for thinking of the charity peeps! Still thinking of a passive Sponsored even for Em - Can you knit????



  • Sponsered silence?

    Sponsered sit in the middle of a local town in your Pjs?

  • yes, well done people

    as for sponsored events, here are some suggestions

    Sponsored eat-a-thon for those of us on pred

    Sponsored stay-out-of-hospital for the frequent fliers (no cheating, have to go in when you need to though)

    Sponsored make everyone laugh for Bex, with her antics

    Sponsored bird-spotting for Kate

    I'm sure we can come up with some more - any other ideas?

  • I am not much of a knitter, Kate!

    As for the sitting in town in my PJs... think I might get arrested.

    Hmmm, sponsored silence... could I do it in the middle of an attack, when I can't talk anyway?

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