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Electric Bicycle

Before my asthma got much worse 8 years ago, I use to enjoy cycling as a great way of keeping fit, seeing the countryside and opening up those bronchial passages. After my marked reduction in lung function-, I could no longer undertake any active cycling.

Last year, I bought a used electric bike on EBay which gave me a new lease of life but it was a heavy lead acid battery machine which was fine for local journey's but you could never put it on a car rack or take it on a train.

Last week I bought a much higher tech machine, 3 speed aluminium frame and a lithium ion battery. This can give 40 - 50 mile range using in pedal assist mode or 20 mile average on battery only. This will vary depending on terrain and weight being carried.

This is a superb machine which can give as little or as much exercise as you desire.

If anyone wants more info, please get in touch.


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