Problem with Omron MicroAir

Until recently I have always been a huge fan of the Omron Microair. For 6/7 years this nebuliser has been my main nebuliser. I simply loved it, it met all my needs and I used is successfully in all types of environments and settings quite happily. During the summer my darling little Microair started to show its age and so with great regret decided it was time for a new one. Obviously with my success with the Omron Microair the replacement could only be another Omron Microair. Well what a massive disappointment the replacement has proved to be, frequently it stopped mid stream, regularly I had to tap the side of the mains unit gently to get the medication to flow to the mesh cap, and the only way I could guarantee it would work was to clean it in boiling water as per manufacturer's instructions. Not exactly possible when you are on a train for example half way to London. Something that was never a problem with my original (as long as it was also cleaned regularly). Evergreen who I have purchased the Omron Microair have been wonderful, but sadly I cannot say the same of Omron UK, who gave me load of clap trap today and described their product as ""delicate,"" which I thought was rather strange, since they advertise on their website that it can be popped in your bag or briefcase, hardly the way to advertise something if you consider your product delicate!

Anyway I am now leaving the issue in the capable hands of Evergreen, but I am wondering if I have just been unfortunate or have others discovered that the Omron Microair hasn't lived up to their expectations.

Cheers katina

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  • That sounds rather irritating! Maybe they don't make them like they used too!

    Mine is only a year old. Do you mean that the stream of vapour stops midway because the liquid is stuck at the back of the unit and you have to tilt it/tap it? If so mine does that too!


  • Yep that is exactly what I mean, my original never did that, I believe that now they are a lot cheaper to buy as in no longer £200 a piece like they were when they first entered the market 6 to 7 years ago Omron are making them with cheaper materials. Interesting that I am not the only one! I would report the problem to Omron because they need to know!

  • yep Snowys does that too!, I often see her tapping it and wondered why lol

    I think she assumed that was just the way it was as never had an older model the same!


  • This is the only Omron I've had too. I will report it to them- they might take notice if more of us report it.

    Thanks for bringing this up. It also reminds me that I need to send mine away for servicing.

  • Eek doesnt sound like your having much fun, i have to say though, mine has been a god send and touch wood ive had no probp with it, and it has survived a drop or two by the loverly nhs a and e staff and a batter or two when ive accidently left it in my pocket! And i love the fact i can attach it tn my face ane fall asleep whilst doin maintenance meds!

    But i guess ive gone and said it now and somethings bound to go wrong!

    Definatly report though! X

  • Oh well my lovely little Pari Boy S Mobile arrived this morning, welcome to easy breathing!

  • Hope the new one works better

  • Omron U22

    Ive had my omron U22 now for 3 years and it has been a fantastic unit, and dealing with omron over the years that i have owned it has been just as delightful. Always helpful , so you are either very unfortunate to have a "" one off bad unit"" or you either have a case of sour grapes for paying £200 for your first one so you now you have to justify the price drop by suggesting the Build Quality has dropped in the U22. Your suggestion is probably based on NO actual evidivence or proof,so stop trying to influence people with your negative comments. and lastly nobody cares about the fact that youve just bought a PARI BOY S ............

  • Well Culoworth I am surprised by your reply, I have used nebulisers for twenty plus years was rather surprised at the way Omron UK treated me. I am pleased that your own little Omron unit has been a success, the whole point of my post is to alert anyone who has experienced the same problems as me, so that Omron can look at the issue and put it right if possible. As of me mentioning that I now have purchased at Pari, its just my way of saying that despite difficulties with the Omron I am getting on with it and have found a successful replacement.

    Evergreen have also spoken to a spokesperson from Omron who was horrified to hear that sales staff at Omron UK had proved unhelpful. This spokesperson is keen to hear my experiences of my recent purchase and shall be getting in touch so that they can investigate the issue. In my own mind it is essential that your nebuliser provides you with good service when ever you need it, and if some Omron Microairs are not working so well it would be good that Omron can investigate the issue and have the opportunity to put it right. So for anyone else who wants to have a personal attack or pop at me, think again, because the original post was just about finding out whether others had experienced similar problems, so that I could find out whether I was just unfortunate or some Omron Units did have problems.

  • OMG that reply has shocked me!!! (and I am not easily shocked !)

    Culoworth ..

    Katina was simply asking/informing ppl of possible issues with the Omron, of which my wife has the same issue but did not know that previous models were not like this so found it very usefull .

    And to be honest yes we do want to know that she bought a new one so how can you speak on behlaf of EVERYONE? surley you are doing what you accused Katina of doing, some double standards I think........

    As you might be new to this forum you might like to know that it has run very well for years in sharing information about meds/products/experiences, supporting people and generally getting to know people and their lives so people dont feel so alone, so did find your comments a tad insulting even tho it was not aimed at me! it hurts when genuine users are slated like that.

    Maybe if that is your true feelings then they might be best kept to yourself in the future,


  • I agree with Alex, as a (fortunately!) inexperienced nebuliser user I found Katina's post useful as I hadn't realised they weren't supposed to do this! I will be contacting Omron about it soon.

  • Katina I have no experience as have not used nebulisers & hope you get it sorted soon.

    Oh lordy, culoworth, I was taken aback at the tone of your reply,

    Alex, Katina and Bryony, well said!

  • Just to add 2ps worth as a Moderator - Culoworth, your response is unnecessarily aggressive and rude - consider yourself warned (you have PMs disabled, so I am unable to contact you more discretely about this). Please re-familiarise yourself with the forum terms and conditions, which you agreed to when you signed up, which ask you to be respectful and considerate of other message board users (and also contains information about the forum's ""Three Strike"" rule).




  • Hello Katina,

    I have had my Omron for 7 years now.... I did at first have a few problems with it .... the mesh arrived damaged, Omron replaced it though told me to look after it better! (I did find their attitude a bit short at times) Since then I have bought replacement meshes from Evergreens, much nicer.

    Though Omron did sort mine out 3 years ago when it stopped working properly. Something to do with the contact points becoming unaligned. Also dirty but this can be solved with a steret.

    Meshes.... they last ages ( as long as you don't over boil them............. (Both!!) in a pan!) I carry a spare mesh now anyway.

    Regarding the stopping working, if it stops misting, the unit is probably too horizontal and the mesh is soaked, Too much meds on it stops it. If it is cutting out it may be the points...........clean with steret or alcohol wipe.

    Hope this helps!

    Culoworth, I find your reply appalling! Katina was just asking advice, she has had many happy years with the Omron. And for the Pari Neb.............. lovely little beast!


  • Hi Kate nice to see you about was getting a little concerned as I hadn't seen you on here or FB. My second Omron Microair would stop mid flow what ever angle it was held, and sometimes it wouldn't mist all to begin with, which is why I gave up in pure frustration. I just think there are some odd units out there that have problems. And until now Omron weren't aware, oh well hopefully they can help others by putting it right. Yes the Pari Boy Mobile is a little beasty, but a good one at that.

    Take care and thanks for your reply.

  • Hi Katina, thanks for this information as someone who is currently looking to purchase a nebuliser I found this helpful. I am pleased you like your new one.

    Culworth.. I was shocked by the abruptness of your post especially as Katina was wanting information.

  • My Omron has always done this too & Ive had it for 3 years! I didn't realise that you weren't supposed to wrestle with it just to get one Neb through ;0) I end up wearing most of it & oh how it loves whistling at me when it gets clogged up! Yup, I'd say definitely ""delicate""!!!

    I was looking at the Paris Boy S but not sure, but as Katina is delighted with hers, I'll take the great recommendation & look into it. Thanks Katina for sharing this information, I was looking to replace my Omron.

    Isn't it great when forums can help others?!

  • I too have had problems with mine the first one I brought was better, but now I cant have just a neb without it stopping every 30 seconds to b tilted a couple of times to get int restarted.Very frustrating when ur desparate to use it like was at hospital coffee shop on tues, I was told the angle was wrong when I contacted them!!

    What should be easy route now is a challenging one .

    Please let us know how different ur pari is as mite consider changing mine.I first brought mine when lost power and needed to phone for an ambulance just to have a neb.

    I have in the past brought the more expensive kind that runs on car battery but the battery recharge was a long time and expensive to replace, so got what I thought was an easy option

  • The first omron i bought was fantastic and it lasted me around 3 years. The second one I bought just did not work and i sent it back and was sent a replacement and it still did not work as well.

    I now have bought a clements clark world traveller.


  • Probably completly irrelevant to post, but how to people cope with going on holiday with there neb they just take portable or do they take electric to, as if flying wouldnt that take up valuable space and weight for that much needed space for gifts on way home ;-)

  • What angle do Omron think you are supposed to hold it at? I tend to tilt it a little to get it to work again, but often this results in the mask bit separating from the bottom bit.

    Charlie- if you have a really light small neb like the Omron it should easily fit in your hand luggage. I take all the nebules in my hand luggage (the amount of liquid you can take on doesn't apply to medicine). You should probably have a doctors letter as well. If you need lots of medical equipment etc the airline might let you have and extra baggage allowance for free if you ask nicely. The Omron is battery operated (you can get an adaptor as well) so power is not a problem.

  • In answer to those who have asked about the Pari Boy S Mobile, it works on electric, via the car cigarette lighter and of course battery. The battery takes 2 hours to charge, and with a fully charged battery can be expected to drive 8 nebs possibly a bit more but I haven't tried it yet. Being a compressor it isn't silent but have found compared to my old Freeway it is a lot quieter. Okay not as small as the Microair, but would easily fit into a lady's large shoulder bag (you know what us ladies are like everything bar the kitchen sink) or day rucksack. In size the nebuliser itself measures about 15cms by 10cms. When I first saw it a week or so ago at a friends was surprised for a compressor how dinky it is. Okay at £199 from Evergreen not the cheapest of nebs, but for me worth every penny, generally Pari come with an excellent reputation, and I have only ever heard of one serious complaint about the nebs, and I think in that case the person was just rather unfortunate. Hope that helps anyone with any questions, and if they need further personal experiences of it please pm me and I do my best.

    PS I used it twice last night and didn't wake the husband so that was good also.

  • Bryony that is fantastic help thank you so much!! I was really wanting to go to Africa once asthma remotly stable but had a sudden thought of how i would get half the hospital with me :-D

    On another not...stupidly i feel asleep nebbing last night, proper deep sleep( maintenance meds) and the mask cut into my eye, does any one have any grand ideas how i can still experiment falling asleep whilst doing meds...or should i just give up the goose and realise i cant be that lazy :-|

  • When I have been under the weather I have fallen asleep nebbing, but can't say I have ever injured myself. You could pad the edges of the mask so that if you do fall asleep you don't injure yourself.

  • Feeling the edge of the mask in daylight hours it does seem a little rough...maybe that it :( couldnt believe it when i woke up like i had been a real life part in a new chain saw masecre film lol...ill try padding out tonight, thank you!!

  • Charlie-Warlie

    My wife also takes her omron abroad and even in its little carry case does not take up much room in your hand luggage, make sure that you take a dr's note saying that its prescribed to you and some airports (so best to be safe and do it anyway) insist on a repeat prescription that covers all the meds you are carrying and that they are all in original packages and have dispensing labels on them !


  • Thank you Alex, that is really helpful, wouldnt have even thought of stuff like that...hope your wife is getting better now by the way


  • Thanks B, lol well i padded it out last night, and this morning i woke up with my face im happy, no horror movie look a likes this am...good old Omron!!! X

  • My Pari boy S is very good! I got it to replace the Freeway Freedom that eventually pegged it. I use it as my main compressor at home, keep it charged and run it from the battery most of the time. At least then if there is a power cut It is ready charged.

    Pitty the freedoms went as I really liked them as a good work horse.

    The only downside is the tubing needs a male end to plug it in! or an adaptor, but then the companies alwasy tell us to use their own brand nebs & tubing.

    Nebs well.

    I use it or my respironics micro elite when away.

    Omron lives in bag for out & about.


  • I have both nebulisers as the Omron wasn't up to having steroid nebs put through. Was wondering has anyone else had problems with the tubing on the Pari which connects the compressor to the bit you put the nebs in? I've gone through 3 tubes caused by them splitting at the junction where the tube is attached to the hard plastic which goes in the compressor. Have to agree with others on here Evergreens have been brilliant about it & replaced the tube free twice. I've dealt with another supplier when Omron mesh split & didn't get nearly as good as service.Doesn't solve the issue with the tubes, I'm now just careful not to let it get too hot & not handle it near the tube when it's warm.

  • Sounds weird, Charlie, but you could try running a strip of tennis handle grip tape (pretty cheap from sports shops or online) around the sharp edges? I use it on all sorts of things because it's padded, quite hardwearing, and not too expensive. Plus you can just peel it off if you don't like it!


    PS. I've never had any problems with my Omron MicroAir, Katina, and am quite shocked to hear that Omron consider it a delicate piece of equipment. Will certainly bear that in mind when I come to buy my next neb...

  • Thanx wishes, il give it a try, all other tricks have failed so far! X

  • Just wanted to say thanks only just read this post due to long stay in hospital but it was very helpful. I have a neb machine from the hospital but it's plug in only and have had to call the green men a few times whilst driving home due to the lack of being able to power the neb. Had been thinking about the omron micro air so really glad I read this. Not sure what to do but am going to talk to the various asthma specialist I have about this when I see them next. Thanks again very helpful post x



    Following the issues Katina has outlined here about her OMRON MicroAIR, we have evaluated the product in question and spoken to her directly, which she has outlined in a separate discussion link here on the Asthma UK forum.

    At OMRON, we value our customer feedback and so if you have any questions or require any support with any OMRON Nebulisers, please do not hesitate to contact our UK Customer Service team on 0870 750 2771 or email

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