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Asthma pressure groups in Spain? Any ideas?

We live in the Spanish city of Alicante, on the Med. There is currently a local protest because the Port Authority has started operations to extend the Port (parallel to the city, at some 600m from the residential zones) and is trying to convert it into an industrial estate. They are unloading cement dust in the open air, causing huge clouds of dust which the wind brings into the nearest 4 neighbourhoods of the city, filling homes, balconies, schools and parks with cement dust. The Port tells the residents that there is no health risk and denies that there are any clouds of dust, saying environmental control is ""rigorous"". Judge for yourself:the video on YouTube (it is shocking from the 3 minutes stage):

The Port's official images make for an interesting if surreal contrast:

I have put a post in the Medical section, to see if anyone has good medical evidence of links between this kind of cement dust and asthma, but I would like to pose a different general question here, if I may, which goes wider: can anyone recommend any pressure groups (Spanish or international) who might be able to add to the weight when presenting this evidence to the Spanish local administration? I am new to campaigning so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you! IPHarri


Please pass the Youtube link on to environmentally concerned friends and colleagues: anything in the UK press would be wonderful, in light of the importance of tourism here.

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Have you looked at Greenpeace?? May or may not be of help.

Try putting lots of words into Google search engine too using the Advanced search option


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