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stoopid people with ridiculously strong perfume!

is there anyone else out there who finds that perfume is a really powerful trigger for their asthma? And, how on earth can you avoid it? I got no a bus today and a stoopid woman got on who smelt like she had bathed in perfume! It set my already rather delicate lungs into a wheezy frenzy! 6 nebs later and about 4 hours and im still wheezing like a good'un! Some people just dont think! I had a scarf on as it was rather cold out today anyway so i was trying to breath through that but it really wasnt any help! My only option was to get off the bus have a neb and wait for the next bus which wasnt really ideal as the cold took its toll on me then!! Its very frustrating! I cant wait to get a car again then at least i can avoid the smokers at bus stops and the evil perfume bathers!!

Anyone got any pearly words of wisdom that i may have overlooked?? Or is it simply just one of those little annoyances that cant be avoided like the perfume counters in shops or walking past lush on the high street!?

A rather frustrated kitkat Xx

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Awh, I feel really sorry for you - I have had a similar experience last week. I was in work and one of my colleagues sprayed purfume - set me off big style, had a really bad attack in work (luckily I had my neb with me) but its caused 2 trips to A&E and an admission in hospital. It felt like the purfume (which was disgusting by the way:)) was sitting in the air. Luckily my boss went mad (but she has told this girl about it before and she still does it every now and again). Its frustrating!

Hope you feel better soon x


on the news today car parks are filtering up the staircases romas of roses,freshly made bread,and cut grass.


All triggers except bread



Hi Kit-kat

I know what you mean.

If there is a hint of a cloying scent like hyacinths or really strong roses, its as if I can't get get a breath to go in. As if there's a trapdoor on my throat and its closed.


perfume if it man made i can't stick, along with most cleaning products, but natural essential oils seem to be fine, along with other natural fragrances. All these man made chemicals, who knows what they do to us, saw a medical report a few weeks back that suggested suncream could actually be the cause of the increase in skin cancer, little research was carried out on the long term effects, so quite possible, and other chemicals are usually tested, but not when mixed with others in the environment.



I had an attack yesterday while at work as someone had very strong perfume, was wheezy & coughing alot. The staff i work with wernt that interested in the problem, & didnt take much notice which isnt great as i like comfort & reasurance while in an attack, oh well i came through it on my own, & tried to carry on through the day. Chest still isnt great this morning.

I also react if someone has sprayed air freshener in the toilets.


this happened in my psychology class today someone squirted around 10 felt like (10 000) squirts ,

despite the fact it smelt yuck - it really makes me whezze

dont no thats its avoidable afraid xx


Hi there, I can sympathise with this, I used to live with someone who used to (among other things) spray half a tin of deoderant in the bathroom when he got up first thing in the morning just before Id have to go in there, it can be seriously irritating,



I also have megga problems with perfume/aftershave,as its spring there must be special offers of perfume because there seems a whole new bunch of perfumes that seems to be worse than before.

Yesterday i had an appt with physio at the hospital to get there i encountered nhewly cut grasa trigger- at the hospital i passed several smokers-another trigger up in the lift- very fragrant-towards the queue. As everyone passed all the alcohol gels there used each one-another triggers -there must have been 6 people in the queue each wearing something different- so went and stood in the corner wheezing away!!



1. i have asthma and allergic reactions. Buses are death traps sometimes. imagine 50 people all with different perfumes, aftershave, deodorants, hairsprays plus human odours. sometimes i feel my lips swelling, tongue tingling, eyes burning as well as sneezing. individuals next to me sometimes produce the same reactions eg shortness of breath. I either have to get off the bus or change seats if it gets unbearable. if i feel an allergic reaction coming on i ask the person what they've got on. i try not to visit homes which are oversprayed or use chemicals and ask people not to spray near me. i walked out of an organisation because the staff though told not to spray, clean windows, dust and polish or hoover whilst i was in the office, decided to have a spring clean. as i was also managing the office because 2 managers were away i had o choice but to leave and the organisation closed 1 month after. i asked a policeman who said it was bodily harm as the staff were told what their actions would do to my health.


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