The Media anti sick campaign

Today I was reading my local paper the South Wales Echo and they had an article about a man who worked all his life without a days sick, they then listed a number of organisations that had high sick levels under the name ""Putting the others to shame"". The problem for me is that these organisation are the only ones that give peoples with disablities an oppuntunity to work, eg, Civil service, without these organisations many people would be stuck at home.

We need organisations like Asthma UK to say to these papers hang on there are people with general disabilites who may need time off, not just Asthmatics but Diabetics, MS suffers, Heart Conditions, Cancer suffers and many others.

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  • i totally agree, wondering if there will be anything in our papers down here or is it just a local thing?

    its an achievement for me to say i completed my first ever term !!!!!!!!! ( at my sixth form colleege , was previously at the attatched secondary skool)

    all i can say is someone needs to differentiate to them the difference between being ill ( cough, cold, etc) and having a long term illness ( asthma etc)

  • Hi,

    I read something about sickness and time off in The Times, it was more about teachers and people who work in schools having much more time off sick than other organisations though, going off my teachers that's pretty true!! but that was just one school and it might not be like that there now though, I saw my Chemistry teacher for about three lessons a term i think, pretty shocking really.

    I do agree they should kind of skew the stats to accurately reveal how many people just take the mick though and how many are doing the best they can with a pretty long-term and serious condition.

    Claire x

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