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how long can a person be on aminophylline?

hi, my gp has very recently started me on animophylline and two days later my nocturnal symptoms have some what calmed down. i just wondered how long can a person be on animophylline?

i just called the auk nurse and after hearing the long story but consise version advised that i request a referal to a consultant. which i will do next week.

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Confused - are you on Aminophylline or Theophylline? I've been on Theophylline most of my life (on and off). Son has been on Theophylline for a year now.

Has it helped you? Found with son it took about a week to really kick in.


My daughter was on Aminophylline 1,000mgs daily for around 10 years. I hope this helps you. Keep well. LIZ x


I have been on Theophyllines for over 15 years. I take Uniphylline

Which brand are you taking 'confused'?

Also ensure that you always get that specific brand prescribed as all the different brands are absorbed at different rates.

Glad it is working for you at last!


how long can a person be on aminophylline?

Hi the extreme chest tightness (the elephant sitting on my chest) has gone and the elastic band under my ribs has eased a today. i'm only on a phyllocontin 225mg dose at night and i'm still bad during the day. At least now i can sleep at night the gp said to see how just the night time dose works then maybe add in the morning too. its working well so far i'm supposed to see him in four weeks time but after speaking to the auk nurse i'm going to go in and get that referral done.

What are the difference types?


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