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Asthma + Cold = Time off school + school not happy :(

I think that most asthma suffers like myself will all agree that having a cold when your asthma is at its worst is horrible.

Whenever my asthma gets bad and i can't breathe propapally i take time off school until it settles. Some senior staff at my school are not happy with the ammount of time that i have to have off. Its getting annoing that they can't accept that when my asthma is bad i cannot travel to school (by bus) let alone walk around all day coughing constantly.

I do try to go into school when i'm coughing but i take both my inhalors and my peak flow meater just incase i need to go home.

Sorry i just needed to complain to someone that knows what i'm talking about.

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Asthma seems to make you more prone to catching colds, and that in turn makes your asthma worse. you do the right thing in taking your inhalers and PF meter, but does the school know how to treat you if you have a serious attack? have you spoken to the school nurse, given them a copy of your action plan, or emergency contact details.

To be honest, a few days off now and then at your age isn't likely to hurt, and you are far more likely to make a quicker recovery at home, and cause less disruption to the class if you are constantly coughing. How would the staff cope in the class if you were taken seriously ill?

Unfortunately there is nothing much you can do about getting a cold, although some of the alternative suggestions like vitamin c, honey and lemon, whisky/brandy (not applicable to you-well unless you are at home with parental consent) have been shown to help prevent colds/reduce there effects.

take care, don't stress about missing school and upsetting the stuffy old sods, that only makes things worse.



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