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Cold ontop

Can't believe the timing, I've now developed a cold on top of my asthma still being flared up and uncontrolled! So not only am I coughing my head off all the time anyway but I'm now sneezing which is killing my chest and then setting my breathing off again. Gone through 2 inhalers in under a week!!

I'm down to 15mg on my steroid reduction and am really reluctant to up it again but am sick of the pai. :(

My fellas amazing but I'm getting more and more depressed, especially after today when some really ignorant people just stared at me when I was in the wheelchair and then passing comments!

Don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight through the pain, cOughing and breathlessness ... Oh and the fella snoring his head off!

Hope everyone is doing ok xx

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Oh dear MooMoo. so sorry for you right now. I have now relented and am taking amoxicillin for chest infection on top of the mild asthma. I'm such a poor thing, being a mere male.

My poor wife is suffering too, evidently having caught this nasty chest thing and will start antibiotics today. She doesn't have asthma, but a far worse degenerating lung condition.

So if I feel rotten, I hate to think how poorly you and my dear wife are feeling.

But summer's coming!


Totally empathise with you here! On chest infection number 2 in the last three weeks. Forced myself into work prior to Xmas break and now have to admit defeat. :( taken a bit of a nose dive this weekend now praying don't get admitted.

Bry you sound so supportive of your wife. I find that really warming you sounds like you have a beautiful relationship.

Would love some support at home however that is few and far between. I just get - go doctors, you going end up in hospital again. Yes bit of help would be nice. Bone idle thing got up this morning and lay on sofa until he went to work this afternoon. Had to take kids nursery, got back, went doctors - he wouldn't even take me! Needless to say collapsed in a heap when got back and he's demanding breakfast! Took half hour for me to gather myself enough to do it and then fell asleep. So he starts making loads of noise so I can't. And get the I take it you're not going work then? Needless to say I promptly burst into tears and he left for work! Same everytime I'm ill. Ever likely i'm usually on sick leave for three months at a time......Sorry rant over. I would love some help/support when I'm bad even if its just to cook and do the laundry! Turns into an argument and you get the 'here we go again'

Sorry rant over


Oh no :( Hope you all feel better soon, including your wife Bry. Last thing you need on top of an already misbehaving chest. I have one as well but it doesn't sound quite as bad -still very annoying though!


can i join the general rant and moan? big temp since monday night, awful sore throat, coughing more than usual, but dont think i have a chest infection, yet! the worst of it is, i have my bro in the flat with me, who is also ill. but im the one that always has to get up to do hot drinks and water bottles...

i hope everyone else feels better soon, survives the winter, looking forward to the warmer weather. MooMoo, i have had the nasty comments when in a wheelchair or on crutches also. i just try to think to myself ""this just proves that im a much stronger person than youll ever be!""

All the best to all

Rose xxx


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